What a Business Needs That Owners Forget

Having a business plan, a good name, a checking account, and a location are the usual focus points when starting a new venture. However, there’s a lot more your business needs that either won’t be thought of or will be thought of after enough problems have occurred. No matter what stage your business is in, here are a few things to consider.

The Sound Of Silence

Let’s imagine you are opening a yoga studio, day spa, counseling center, or acupuncture clinic. These businesses typically exude peace and tranquility (yes, even a counseling center). Calm soothing music, easy scents to relax you naturally, and even speaking softly and gently is very common in these sorts of places. Now let’s imagine that the only place you could afford in town was right next to the railroad tracks that are used daily. During business hours. It’s going to be very difficult to encourage clientele to keep coming back if they have to deal with the insanely loud noise of a train rolling by. There are things you can do. The best thing you can do is see if the property owner or the city can install a sound barrier, such as an Aftec highway sound wall. These can absorb or reflect the sound so that it’s much gentler to your ears and well-being. There are other options to consider as well. You can grow natural sound barriers with thick bushes and trees. You can soundproof the inside of your space or use white noise machines to minimize the outside noise.

Security Systems And Plans

No one wants to assume that everything they have will be stolen. Not merchandise, tools, or yoga mats (yes, it can happen!). Many businesses lock up and don’t think twice about having extra precautions and systems in place. Yet there are benefits to employing a commercial security alarm or having a plan in place. Firstly, you can save on your business insurance if you have cameras and alarm systems installed. Who doesn’t want to save a bit of money? Secondly, a security system or plan can deter crime. People are less likely to steal from a small boutique if they know that the employees have been trained to spot strange behavior and corner them. Seeing a camera is an automatic deterrent, no one wants to get caught! Lastly, it can make you feel safer. Anyone who has had a business, or their home, broken into knows that it creates a very unsafe and vulnerable feeling. By employing some methods of protecting your business, you are taking control of the environment and empowering yourself to feel safe.

Making Your Business Pet-Friendly

We are going to pre-empt this section with a quick announcement for anyone who is selling food, check with your local health department to ensure that it’s perfectly legal for pets to be in the vicinity of food preparation areas. Everyone else can certainly consider creating a pet-friendly environment, and not just a pet store! Businesses that welcome dogs while owners shop or enjoy some entertainment are forward thinking. We live in an era now where being able to bring our pets with us makes us feel free to enjoy more when we don’t have to run home to Fido. Do check with your business insurance about liability coverage in case of a problem. But don’t shun the furry loves of your target market. It will work in your favor!

Did we miss anything on our list? Comment below with something a business owner should think about but doesn’t until much later.