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Cheap Webhosting Tricks Revealed!

Jul - 25 - 2017

As you may know, web hosting services are required when you want to create a website and have it available for people to view. However, it is not so easy to choose the right web hosting company, especially if you want to have a good experience. There are so many hosting sites out there, but only a few would be very good web hosts for your small business. But if you are more focused on finding a cheap hosting solution, we can tell you about some tricks that will help you find the best “cheap” hosts. And our tricks will also help you deal with the issues that are most common with a cheaper host.

1. Finding the Cheap but Quality Web Hosts

If you are hunting for a cheap web host that is not going to let you down, assessing their uptimes is the way to go. It may sound simple – but that is the feature that matters the most. Yes, a cheap web host may not have the frills that you get with a provider that costs two or three times as much. But what you care about the most is that your website is up and running at full tilt. And if you find web hosts that are cheap and have around 99.5 percent uptime, you are golden!

2. Dealing with Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

One of the huge issues that comes with getting a cheap hosting partner is how they will attempt to up-sell and cross-sell you on related services. With most of these options, you can ensure you have not selected them when you sign up. But there are cases where the hosting provider signs you up for a free trial for some related service, and you do not even realize it.

The best thing that you can do is to properly assess your account when the sign-up procedure is complete. Look at your payment section, and it will tell you what services you are signed up for and how much you are paying each period. If there are any free trials that you inadvertently received, they will be listed. Make sure you cancel those trials before you end up paying a ton more money than you had anticipated.

3. Avoiding Bad Neighbors

We sometimes say that even the good and cheap web hosts can get infiltrated by bad neighbors – or spammers. When you are hosting your site on the same provider as spammers, you will simply not be getting the resources you need to keep your site running smoothly. The good news is that the hosts with positive reviews and a 99.5 to 100 percent uptime are probably not going to have issues with spammers – or their servers would be down a lot more from the load.

Simply because a host is charging you less for each month of service does not mean it is offering an inferior product. Yes, you may not get as many added features, unless you pay extra, but you will get a bare bones service that works very well – provided you choose the right host.

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