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Boosting the growth of your business is now easier than ever if you’re willing to get into the potential offered for digital customer creation. By utilising several digital technologies and services, your business can help drive leads into sales, and grow their market quickly and effectively.

Let’s look at 7 services you should be using to grow your business online.

Cookie Monster

Tracking cookies are to businesses what chocolate chip cookies are to certain blue Muppets. They offer businesses a way to track and examine user behaviour, and serve up relevant advertising across multiple sites.

Tracking cookies can be placed as images, pixels or as code - and appear across a huge range of sites on the web.

Scrape It Up

If you’re looking for a way to track your competition, extract customer leads from key databases, and track pricing and stock changes from your suppliers, a custom-designed web scraper is the service you’ve been waiting for.

Web scraping offers your business an enormous array of services which can automate and generate competitor data in order to give your business a competitive advantage. You are also able to dynamically update your pricing to reflect changes in market conditions and stock levels.


SEM (or search engine marketing) is the direct placement of advertising within the results of a search engine result page. This can help your business capture new customers, particularly if they’re performing blanket searches (eg; searching for ‘plumbing’ in Sydney, or ‘kitchen renovation’ in Melbourne).

SEM operates by assigning a PPC (or pay per click) value to each click on a link. By driving more potential traffic and customers to your website or service, SEM hopes to convert these leads into customers.


The machinations of search engines are always changing, but the overarching premise of SEO remains the same - by purchasing a set of keywords or phrases, you can improve the rank of your business when a potential customer searches for these things.

SEO has the benefit of appearing to be authentically placed within search results. For example, an SEO professional may place certain keywords in the metadata or body text of your website. These words are then ranked and automatically cached by search engines, allowing your site to be more visible when related searches are performed.


Visual pinboards are growing in popularity and are a way to grow your market into a demographic through content aggregation and sharing.

By creating a Pinterest account, you can help create a visual identity for your business or brand, and give a new way for potential customers to share your content.

Online Customer Service

A must-have in 2017, online customer service is where a growing number of your customers and clients will expect to be serviced. Whether you employ the use of a forum, a chat service or a staffed email, your business should aim to quickly and effectively respond to online queries in a meaningful way.

Many large companies have transferred the bulk of their off-site servicing to online channels, as these offer the potential for visual integration (beyond a telephone/voice service channel). Creating this capability for your company will ensure that you remain digitally forward, and keep you connected with customers, no matter where they’re located.

Social Media

Social media has come a long way since the days of ‘like and share’. Companies like Facebook offer complex solutions for businesses, including their own version of tracking pixels.

Your business need not even commit a sum of money directly to social media marketing. Having a member of staff well-trained enough in social media, and in servicing its’ unique audience will provide you with the ability to converse and capture customers from all over the web.

A well-written meme or post also has an unlimited ability to be shared. Try not to limit your business to serious, sales-spiel posts, and instead try to connect with your audience by incorporating more banal or relatable aspects of the day to day workings of your business (or its employees).

Digital technology and online services offer your business a world of growth potential at your fingertips. By utilising some of these services you can reach new and untapped customers, and potentially grow your business beyond forecasts, without employing an army of staff.

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