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How we receive information definitely has changed over the past few decades. We’ve gone from pony to telegraph to telephone to email. Watching television has gone from hoping you can tune in at least one clear channel, to scrolling through hundreds of them. Encyclopedias collect dust – the World Wide Web is just a click away.

It’s hard to imagine life without the Internet. The advantages of high speed Internet keep you connected and quickly. But you didn’t always have the Internet. Like every other technology you enjoy, the Internet has its history starting in the 1950s, some claim even earlier. You’ve heard of the big name companies, such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco, but there are some companies that remain in the background.

Bell Labs was instrumental in creating how computers processed data with C programming language and later on Unix. Most of this was for large mainframe computers used by the military and universities for research. In order for computers to talk over long distances, networking and wiring had to be in place. AT&T provided the first wired link across the country. Those phone lines proved to be capable of so much more.

Bolt, Beranek and Newman was a technology research and development company. They created many of the protocols for the Internet and networks for uniformity. They were also the first to send an email person to person. Without the advantages of high speed Internet, your emails would still be slow.

As protocols and networks became more defined, computers themselves became smaller. Xerox PARC helped produce personal computers, Ethernet and the Graphical Interface (GUI). When you mindlessly use your mouse to point and click on an icon and the program comes up, you can thank them.

The Internet is part of your life. Your business can grow and thrive on it. You can make friends from all over the world. You can email your entire family all at once about your new job promotion. Without even thinking about it, your cable television, phone service and Internet is delivered quietly behind the scenes. Companies, such as Comcast, continue to make Internet history by growing and developing new ways to keep you connected.

Advantages of high speed Internet include being able to keep up with your favorite online games, talking for hours with a distant school friend, or just enjoying an all night movie marathon with your girlfriends. Your Internet service provider may be something that you don’t think of often, but they are crucial for sustaining your online life. Their ability to keep up with the modern demands of a growing Internet is constantly challenged. It’s a challenge they take on to keep you in touch with the world. As the Internet continues to grow, so won’t they.

The biggest advantages of high speed Internet can be measured by how you don’t even notice it. You are connected quickly and you are connected smoothly. You are just plain connected.

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