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Ultimate4Trading trading tool

Jun - 14 - 2016

ultimate4tradingThe Ultimate4Trading software is an auto trading robot that is creating a buzz among professionals and novices alike. Basically, the ultimate4trading software is a binary option trading algorithm that tells the trader when it is optimal to sell or to buy in the market. The designers claim that the Ultimate4Trading software predicts accurately 80% of the time. Further, they say the software undergoes continuous testing to ensure a reliable prediction.

How the Ultimate4Trading software works

The Ultimate4Trading itself is free. The software platform is designed to be user-friendly. First you have to open a trading account with a broker that has been assigned to you by the system. An initial deposit of a minimum of $200.00 sets up your account. You input your preferences and utilizing those settings, the robot analyzes enormous amounts of data on trends in the financial market and identifies trading opportunities. Based on the information it has generated, the robot sends signals to your trading platform. Signals can be set for regular high and low or 60 second options.

The front page presents all the potential trades either up or down that are recommended by the software. You select the assets that interest you, the amount you want to invest per trade, and then confirm the trade. The software provides the information for you to make a decision, but leaves the actual placing of the order in your hands. That is, you always remain the drivers’ seat. Withdrawals will take about seven working days.

The Pros of Ultimate4Trading

The big plus of the Ultimate4Trading software is that you can open a demonstration account and experiment with the software without risking any money. Other advantages include operating on tablets and other mobile devices and flexibly of investments. Because the software is semi-automatic, it can be used by novice traders with limited experience and skills.

The Cons of Ultimate4Trading

The cons are a lack of company details, the software is not licensed or regulated, and there are special bonus requirements. Although the developers claim that the software is suitable for the novice trader, the software only presents you with the signals. It takes trading know-how to select the right trade and the right amount. The system only connected with E Z Trader and so you can’t choose your own broker. Negative reviewers were not pleased with the withdrawal policies.

What are the real traders saying?

Although the software has received mixed reviews, the consensus is that Ultimate4Trading does work. Ultimate4Trading scam accusations have no basis in truth. How well it works is the important question. The developers claim that Ultimate4Trading has an 80% accuracy rate, but some traders claim that is an exaggeration. You can achieve an 80% accuracy rate in the demo software, but the demo doesn’t reflect the reality of the actual market. The detractors claim that in the real market the software can have a lower accuracy rate.

So what’s the bottom line

The Ultimate4Trading software obviously works but perhaps not at an accuracy rate of 80% in the hands of an inexperienced trader in the real market. The software will perform better for the astute trader who has the knowledge to choose the right asset and at the optimal amount. All things considered, it is worth your while to give it a try at ultimate4tradingdemo.com.

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