Top Ways To Build A Better Business Online

Not everyone who starts an online business knows how to be strategic about their efforts. Whether you’re starting up a store, a lifestyle blog, or a page for your gardening services, the key is to make the decision that’ll get you the most traction for the smallest cost (whether that’s a monetary cost or the cost of your time). When you’re an online business, your presence is everything, particularly when few people know about you, which is all the more reason to get strong traction from the get-go. Read on below for some tips on making the most of your online activities.

Ensure Everything You Post Supports Your Brand

When a user reads your latest blog post, visits your website to see what you’ve got for sale, or follows your Instagram account, what impression do you want them to leave with? Always think about the statement you want to make, from the type of content you share in an e-newsletter, to the colour palette you choose for your logo. For example, if your target audience is comprised of teenagers, make sure the copy you use to market to them incorporates some use of their slang. If your aesthetic is a minimalist one, see that it is reflected in the images you use to accompany postings.

Engage With Social Media Regularly

Your numerous social media accounts act as funnels; they capture people’s attention, ultimately so you can direct them to your website and increase your traction. The key is to choose two or three platforms and post to them anywhere from three times a week (for visual outlets like Instagram) to three times a day (when engaging with platforms like Twitter that are primarily used to start conversations). See that the post you’re scheduling is in line with your branding and business interests, and if your audience is primarily local, keep what you post about as local as possible.

Don’t Forget About Solid Web Design And Strong Hosting

These twin pillars will be the foundation for your success; choose a reliable web host like HostPapa and enjoy 99.9% uptime guarantees, server monitoring, state-of-the art security features, and access to an award-winning customer care centre. What’s more is many of the best hosting services will include an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder as part of their plans, alleviating the need for you to have extensive design experience. With a clean website boasting a professional looking layout, coupled with a service provider that ensures your site receives maintenance, provisioning and optimization – you’ll be ready to take on every one of your business aspirations.

A strong web host is a flexible web host, one that can meet your needs when you’re starting out and follow through as your business paves its way toward becoming a competitive enterprise. Whether you’re starting up a personal blog and only require basic shared hosting, or a firm that manages websites for many different companies, requiring a VPS to ensure security – you want to partner with a service that will offer you scalable resources and the opportunity to grow. Get to know what plans are available to you and take advantage of the affordable prices some of the best Canadian web hosts are presently offering.

Basic Shared Hosting

A starter package will typically allow you to manage two websites on a shared server, and include free domain registration for the year, hundreds of gigs of disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. Look for value added upgrades like free professional website builders and access to a state-of-the-art cPanel.

Shared Hosting For Business

Some medium-large scale enterprises need more storage space and security features to do business effectively online, giving them peace of mind. With plans designed to accommodate their size, they’ll have access to unlimited websites and domains, rocket fast servers, and e-mails branded with their company name. They’ll also enjoy unlimited disk space, so they’ll never have to worry about having to conduct a data sweep or purge. Most importantly, a comprehensive security suite including Premium Wildcard SSL, Domain Privacy Protection, and automated back-up and restore to help avoid unforeseen disasters.

Starting a business can feel like an overwhelming endeavour, but it doesn’t have to be so long as you stick to your mission, reach out to your target market, make a good impression, and partner with a host that cares about your online experience. With the right guidance and a plan put in place you can put even your small startup on people’s radar and watch your level of engagement soar.