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It is likely that you have seen storage containers before. They are on construction sites, on huge self-storage facilities, and even on television such as on Storage Wars, which is at times a very controversial program. Reality TV aside, the reality is that companies that offer these types of solutions make millions because they offer a service that we need. Because of this huge market, businesses like it are popping up all over the place. While this is a good thing because it means that you have plenty of choices available to you, it also means you to be more diligent in terms of which one you choose, so you don’t get swindled. Let’s take a look, therefore, at the top 10 things you need to know about storage containers.

Top Things to Look for

  1. Always think security. When you search for storage container rentals, you do so because you want to store something reasonably important. This means you also have to be sure that nobody else can access it.
  2. Think size. Most commonly, they are 10 foot, 20 foot, or 40 foot. Don’t get something that is bigger than you actually need.
  3. Think rust. Good storage containers are made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. This means they won’t rust. However, there are also some companies that try to cut corners by using cheaper materials and these are not rust-resistant. This means that your belongings won’t be protected either.
  4. Check the doors. Look at whether there are special fittings and whether you have the strength to actually open the doors or not. Good containers have a roll up door, but that is not always the case.
  5. Think customization. You may have certain special needs. You can, for instance, turn them into a mobile office. Or perhaps you need something with climate control. Additional security features can also be added, as well as insulation and more.
  6. Think location. You can usually rent containers in giant facilities. However, there are also mobile containers, which can be placed on your land or in any other spot that is useful to you.
  7. Think terms and conditions. Specifically, look at the rental agreement and whether or not you can return your container early if you no longer need it, getting some of your money back. This is quite common because the demand for containers is huge.
  8. Think taxes. Always keep your receipts, because you may be able to use your rental as a write off.
  9. Check reviews. Because there are so many storage container rental companies out there, it is easy to find out what kind of experiences others have had with the company. Look into these and find out how pleased others have been with the service.
  10. Pay a visit. All of the above can be done and checked online or over the telephone. Taking someone’s word for it, however, may not be a good idea. Make sure you actually visit the container and have a look at it before you agree to rent it.

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