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Top Automotive Trends for 2013

Dec - 5 - 2012

Each year, the world's major auto manufacturers compete to produce cars that are lighter, faster, more powerful, and more efficient. In looking at the new range of automobiles to be released in 2013, a few trends are prevalent. The automobile industry is focusing on cars that are not only green-friendly, but that also make the most of new technologies. The following are a few of the top trends to watch for in the year to come.

An Increase in Power

The 2013 models of many familiar brands have been given a boost in power. A number of turbocharged engines are now available, offering smaller engines with greater horsepower. Ford, GM, and Hyundai are just a few examples of brands that have stepped up the power on their 2013 models. Looking at car listings sites such as Motoring.com.au, you can expect to see options with turbocharged engines and higher levels of horsepower. In America, Ford is releasing the new Shelby which is capable of speeds of 200 MPH, an example of this turbocharged trend.

Wider Selection of Hybrids

Fully electric cars still haven't taken off the way that many environmentalists hoped they would. At the moment, only 2% of vehicles sold are electric. However, hybrid models are becoming increasingly popular and today's manufacturers are striving to meet this increased demand in 2013. When reading the latest green cars review, you'll see new plug-in models from Toyota, Ford, and other big names. Hybrid SUVs like the Toyota Highlander offer excellent fuel economy and an array of convenient features. The i8 from BMW is a luxury sports car in this category that offers all of the amenities one would expect from its class, but with the fuel economy of a hybrid. With so many different types of hybrids available in 2013, more consumers may be making the switch over to this type of vehicle.

Lighter Materials

Another way that auto manufacturers are making their vehicles more efficient in 2013 is through the use of carbon fibres. These materials are combined with aluminium for a smooth, lightweight and durable auto body. Although currently seen more in luxury vehicles, big brands like Ford aim to integrate the use of carbon into their vehicles throughout the next decade.

Increased Use of Electronics

Cars are becoming smarter over time, and the latest roundup of 2013 models will offer parental control programs, improved traction control, and blind spot assistance. Navigation features have also been vastly improved in new vehicles, with integrated GPS systems and emergency assist. Rear view cameras are becoming more and more common, along with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity for a full media experience.

These are just a few of the innovations that you'll see in 2013. From improved fuel efficiency to a more widespread use of safety-oriented electronic devices, the latest batch of automobiles will make driving more convenient than ever.

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