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Creativity is essential in business. The more creative you and your employees are the better. Creative people are more motivated, they get more done and that’s great news for you. The problem is many workplaces and routines don’t allow for creativity to grow or thrive, so what can you do about that?

Inspire Positivity

If you’re all geared up, excited and positive it will be easier to enthuse your employees. You therefore need to ensure you are promoting creativity through your own actions. Take risks and inspire others to do the same. If you show through your actions that no ideas will be looked upon disapprovingly and you’re willing to add some humour into the thought process you’ll find your employees are more receptive and brave enough to share their ideas with you and the other colleagues.

The Creative Environment

How inspiring are your offices? Add some colour, add white boards and mood boards and encourage the use of them. It’s a good idea to add a bookcase into the employee lounge or canteen area. Let people have the time to think, creativity needs room to breathe. Staring blankly at a computer screen waiting for inspiration to hit is often a complete waste of time.

Provide the Necessary Tools

Bring in art supplies from www.jacksonsart.com to ensure your employees have the tools they need to make notes, draw diagrams and create. In addition to more traditional supplies it’s also worth looking at the software you have available. If you provide these tools they are more likely to be used. Image creation is essential so consider investing in the creative suite from Adobe if you haven’t already.

Creative Activities

Get together as a team on a regular basis and encourage brainstorming and collaboration. These meetings need to be relaxed and informal. In addition to the meetings provide a space where groups are able to go and work together. Get the different departments to work together to come up with suggestions and new directions.

Pay Attention to What’s Happening

Use social media and other networking tools to stay on top of, and ahead of, your competition. Try to find trends in your target audiences and use them to your advantage. Each business needs to have a social media department monitoring these trends and forecasting future trends so you’re able to move quickly. Don’t be afraid to react quickly when you see an opportunity. Consumers are moving quicker than ever and you need to be doing the same.

These are five tips that will help your employees to embrace their creativity. Remember to encourage each employee and take the time to get to know each individual to see how they are motivated. Not everyone is the same, especially when it comes to the creative side of business. If you’re able to motivate their creativity it’s important that you do so. By inspiring others, providing the right energy and motivation your company will develop in ways your employees might have previously thought were impossible.

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