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Some of the United States’ most dangerous jobs can pay the big bucks. Some don’t. But dangerous jobs seem to be growing, as there were almost 150 more occupational injuries that resulted in fatalities in 2011 than in 2010. The highest mortality rate for any of the jobs was 127 deaths per 100,000 workers. Keep reading to figure out some of the US’s most dangerous gigs.

  1. Fishing: Fishing jobs can be dangerous because of gear malfunctions, bad weather, and transportation accidents.
  2. Logging: When you are working with massive wood cutting machines and huge quantities of wood trunks, it’s easy to see what can go wrong. Add in bad weather and high altitudes and you get danger.
  3. Aircraft Pilots: Airplanes can be dangerous, especially when you consider pilots that work in the military.
  4. Trash collectors: Trash collectors work with relatively heavy machinery and oftentimes handle hazardous waste. Not as easy as it sounds.
  5. Roofers: Roofing is just as dangerous as it looks. Falls can lead to fractures and even death. Other risks include small equipment such as hammers and various construction based injuries.
  6. Ironworkers: Iron workers lift heavy steel and iron beams on a regular basis.
  7. Construction laborers: Construction laborers can work on roofs, with heavy equipment, dangerous machinery, and down in trenches. The work is physically demanding and isn’t for everyone.
  8. Farmers: While farmers have more efficient technology these days, they still have to work long hours with heavy machinery.
  9. Truck drivers: Truck drivers work lengthy shifts with quick turnaround times. With huge vehicles that can be difficult to maneuver, this makes the job dangerous.
  10. Mining: Miners have to work long hours in mine shafts and can be exposed to dangerous chemicals. There is also the risk that the mine will have structural problems. Being out at remote locations doesn’t help either.

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