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Spain has a lot to offer, especially for those people who are looking to live in a chilled out relaxed country with varied surroundings and culture. The Spanish home market might still be in a depression today. Even so, lots of people are still thinking about buying a property in Spain, as keen prices are available on nearly all property for sale.

The “over supply” of Spanish homes and the global real estate decline since 2008 are good reasons that property market has not recovered yet. However things are looking up - reports out recently show that last years sales figures for property in Costa Blanca region pushed up over the previous 12 months.

Conrad A. Bedford - Overseas Property Shop (an overseas property promoter specialist), stated that there has actually been an increase in Spanish property enquiries. This is because many home buyers are capitalizing on the present condition of the Spanish property market in order to look for deals and a quick bargain – prices are now realistic, and new build properties have started to sell again.

Northern Europeans are taking part in the buying process … From 2000 to 2008, the British were the top buyers of homes in Spain,  the French then followed their tracks – Nowadays it’s an open marketplace with many Chinese, Indian and Russian investors are eagerly snapping up deals on the shores of the sunny Costa Blanca.

Whether it has actually been for a home to utilize as a house, or an additional income stream through buy to rent schemes, millions have actually invested in property and now Costa Blanca property deals are available at incredible low prices, almost giving them away.

Finding Spanish property deals for the Costa Blanca region is not rocket science, however if you are looking for your “bargain of a lifetime” take note of these steps below …

Today’s bargain homes need to have an asking price lower that is way lower than the selling rate of other similar properties in the same location.

The property must be well located and situated in a sellable position (Always buy to sell, even if you have no intentions to do so).

Be careful of bad locations or poorly located properties in Costa Blanca.

Lastly the most important part of buying a property in Costa Blanca is the benefits you’ll enjoy for years after, endless sunny days – a relaxed and less stressed lifestyle and cuisine to make you healthier.

To view the latest Costa Blanca property for sale visit http://www.overseaspropertyshop.com

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