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The Obama Administration has been committed to assisting military to assisting military vice members and their families during the transition from military service to civilian life. Since 2010, Victory Media has been instrumental in establishing a listing of the top military friendly colleges in the US that have supported military members. The 2014 listing of top military friendly colleges in the US includes the top 20% of all VA-approved schools that meet certain criteria such as Vista College. Data is compiled through extensive research and a survey of more than 10,000 VA-approved schools. Findings are compiled and weighted using eleven different criteria to determine a final score. Criteria include the following:
24% Military Support on Campus
20% Academic Credibility
10% Percent of Military Students
10% Academic Credit for Military Service
10% Flexibility for Military Students
5% Veteran Graduation Rates
5% Student Tuition Assistance
5% Student Survey
5% Employment Rates
5% Military Spouse Policies
1% Government Approvals

Study publishers purposely opted not to rank the 1,878 colleges included in the top 20% of military friendly colleges because they felt that picking one school over another was a personal choice that should be based on a number of other factors that are unique to an individual. For example, an institution that offers online classes may better serve some students while other students may be more impressed with an institution that offers tuition assistance. Of the 10,000 VA approved schools, only 1,878 (19%) made the top of the list. This statistic suggests that other forms of educational opportunities must be provided for service members to assist them in transitioning from military service to civilian life.

The Obama administration has developed a partnership program, the Information Technology Training and Certification Partnership, which is designed to provide job opportunities for thousands of service members. This program differs from the tradition of veterans scholarship programs because it provides for industry recognized IT certifications before service members transition from military service. This is a private-public partnership between the following:
Department of Defense (DOD)
Military services
The private sector
Industry trade associations
Educational institutions
State legislatures,
Veterans’ service organizations
State licensing boards
The partnership was established with a goal to fulfill more than 1.8 million jobs in twelve in-demand technological sectors by 2020.

Many times, military training, certification and education are unique to the military. Some education credits gained through military training are non-transferable to civilian educational systems. Traditionally, some of the most highly trained military servicemen and women have been excluded from job opportunities because they lacked civilian education credits. They would have to enroll in a civilian educational systems to gain legitimate credits for coursework in order to secure employment for positions that they, often times, are qualified or over qualified to perform.

The partnership program has been revised to get military service members the training and certifications necessary to gain employment in the high-tech, IT sector as well as the health care sector by streamlining the credentialing process. Several governors and state legislators have passed laws to eliminate red tape and allow veterans and military spouses to acquire licenses needed for employment. The Obama administration’s partnership program expands upon those efforts put forth by local governments.

Under the direction of President Obama, the DOD has established a Military Credentialing and Licensing Task Force for the purpose of identifying military specialties that readily transfer to high-demand jobs; to work with civilian credentialing and licensing associations to address gaps between military training programs and certification and licensing requirements; and to provide service members and veterans with greater access to necessary certification and licensing exams. Through the collective efforts of the task force, a consortium of IT corporations and credentialing associations, programs have been implemented to expand the availability of certifications for military personnel with skills in high-demand areas. Industry leaders that have already committed to assisting with implementing the initiative include:
Cisco Systems
Microsoft Corporation
CompTIA NetApp
Global Knowledge
Gogo Training
SANS Institute and Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC).

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