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There are a lot of things worth our time to conclude in the past year, and there are more expectations for the new year, people hope the business would run smoothly in the new year, and to find their worth in clothing wholesale industry. Clothing wholesale is a big market, also a big piece of cake, there are numberless of people trying to enter the market, and create their own clothing empire, among different voices of innovative modes, China clothing industry officially entered a turning period.

Many clothing wholesale central have entered the Internet with great effort, wanting to fight their place in the online field, many first-line clothing brands also accelerated their construction and expansion of their website, to explore the big cake of internet by their own brand power, and some of them succeed. In addition, some export enterprise also come back home to fight for the market, in this way, the wholesale industry is actually shrinking, which left a situation of even fiercer competition.

As the wholesale and consumers grow more mature, they now hold higher standard requirements to the R&D design of clothing: simple, practical, comfortable and environmental protective. At the same time, as the brand market becomes relatively mature, and the Post 90s began looking for mature brands, many sports series won their success once they entered the industry, which was mainly brought by their brand sales standard, productivity and brand influences.

The wholesale central was attacked quite strongly under these circumstances, which caused some clothing factory just cut their prices aimlessly, in this way, the market entered an era of chaotic pricing war, some manufactures even lower their profit to only 0.3-0.5 yuan, which can be scarcely compensated in summer when there are large quantity of T-shits and summer dresses sold, but when the winter came, the sales volume decreases, can we really earn our store rents or living expenses? When a new season is coming, some stores began to clear their storage by selling with 0.1-0.2 yuan profit, these prices are in favor of our wholesalers, but where is the enterprise competencies? I believe everyone began to learn the harm of these after this period, there are some people intent to get out of the war recently, some just cannot hold for any longer. Pricing war is not practical in long-term sight, if this goes on, the two sides would be hurt and finally reach a situation with no business at all.

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