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Negotiation is the skill of reaching an agreeable compromise between two parties. It plays a lead role in our lives every day, yet negotiation is not a skill we’re born with; it’s an art that we learn to grasp and, with much experience, master.

It is a unique skill that will significantly help your career and will allow you to create beneficial agreements in the workplace – be it with clients, competitors or colleagues. Mastering negotiation will help improve many important life skills and is becoming an increasingly popular attribute that businesses look for in employees; its importance should not be overlooked.

Negotiation can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. While many learn the art of negotiation through trial and error, it can also be taught in immersive negotiation training workshops.


Importance of negotiation in the business industry

Developing the necessary skills to become an expert negotiator will not only assist you through life, but help you achieve success in the business world. With the industry rapidly changing (thanks mainly to technology), it’s important to negotiate in an efficient and effective manner and have the ability to gain an advantage over the opposing party. This means that you will not only be in a positive position for winning a negotiation, but you will also earn a good reputation in business, which in turn will bring in further opportunities. Moreover, being able to negotiate well helps to generate success and strengthen business relationships.


Key skills of negotiation

As you become a more experienced negotiator you’ll learn valuable problem solving, communication and listening skills. Negotiation involves the giving and taking of information, so delivering your point in a clear and focused manner is just as important as listening to what the opposing party has to offer. A skilled negotiator will learn to follow the 70-30 rule, spending 70% of the time listening and 30% of the time talking. This will help you make more rational decisions.

The power of persuasion is another prized skill you’ll gain through mastering the art of negotiation and one that allows you to succeed in a fair and responsible manner. You’ll also learn to better plan and accumulate knowledge that can then be used to structure a concise negotiation strategy.

Negotiation skills – learn from the experts

Like most things, negotiation is best learned from the experts. Through inspiring yet challenging workshops, you’ll learn to appreciate the importance of negotiation in the business world and the impact it has on success. The Gap Partnership is a leading provider of negotiation workshops and courses, specialising in comprehensive training and consultancy services.

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