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The Guide for Personal Loans

May - 24 - 2016


Benefits of Personal Loans

Many individuals use personal loans when they have pressing financial needs such as paying for an unplanned vacation, urgent medical expenses, or a home improvement venture. In general, it is used when a person needs cash straightaway, and can be spent at the borrowers’ discretion. Requiring simple and minimum documentation, a personal loanis processed fast; sometimes borrowers get their money in 24 hours.  The loan must be paid at a specified time.

Here are some of the benefits of personal loans:

  1. Personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes. Sometimes called a multi-purpose loan, borrowers have the flexibility to use the loaned amount in any which way they like. It could be used for traveling, for hospital care, for a wedding or simply for buying the latest electronic gizmo.  Nobody will check on how borrowers spent the money.
  2. The loaned amount can be used immediately. Also called emergency loans, borrowers are able to get cash in one to two days maximum.  There are even banks or financial institutions that promise that they can be approved and they can get the money on the same day that they apply.
  3. Little documentation is needed in applying for this kind of loan. Processing time for personal loans is simple and straightforward since it is an unsecured loan.
  4. Since no collateral is needed for this type of loan, it is relatively risk-free for the borrower. This means that in case a person is not able to pay off the loan, their personal assets are safe.
  5. The loan tenure or payment period can be fitted right into the borrower’s budget. Monthly payment installment amount is usually laid out at the onset, so it could easily fit into a person’s monthly operating expenses.  Repayment of this type of loan is usually computed based on the borrower’s financial capacity and regular income.
  6. The interest rate is lower than taking a cash advance on a credit card.
  7. It helps consumers in consolidating their debts from high-interest lenders such as credit cards.

If an individual has multiple high-interest loans, a personal loan may be used by combining the entire debt amount into one easy and flexible monthly payment instead of multiple payments.

These are just some advantages of personal loans. What any borrower needs to remember though is that this is still debt, and debt has to be paid on time to avoid penalties. Banks and other financial agencies also have very strict criteria before they issue a personal loan.  They usually base it on employment tenure and monthly income.


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