The Effects An Aggressive Boss Has On Working Culture

When superiors display aggression, it can shift employee morale drastically; talk to anyone who has experienced a management change only to see their company be negatively affected. These types of mis-hires happen in the sales industry more than you’d expect, particularly because misconceptions about what makes a strong salesperson continue to influence hiring committees. If someone in the industry is too headstrong, it can cause their success with clients to plummet and what’s more – they can hurt their team’s performance when they’re in higher positions. What employers want is their leaders to be assertive, and to catch overt aggression in its tracks prior to taking on a candidate.

Everyone Starts Working Under Duress

While just enough pressure at the job can create an adrenaline rush and move employees into an exciting flow – too much becomes debilitating. This becomes a concern when employees risk having their personal self-esteem crushed should they make a mistake. They work in order to keep their manager’s temper at bay, rather than working out of a desire to help the company and themselves advance. Furthermore, employees under duress have more trouble concentrating on a task, curbing anxiety, and staying in the moment on call without disassociating as a defensive measure. Ensure the higher-ups guiding them can use their power to inspire – not terrorize.

Aggression Lowers Job Satisfaction

When people aren’t free to feel at ease, put creative ideas into practice, or manage their own workload in a way that makes them feel most productive, they can start to dislike their jobs. Aggression also takes the form of micromanaging which breeds a culture of mistrust. For an employee to feel useful, happy and motivated, they need the room to put their skills to good use. When bosses are breathing down their necks or constantly invading their personal or professional space, workers are unlikely to meet their full potential. Safeguard against employing an aggressive hire by using tools like sales assessment tests— short, 10-minute tests that will measure an applicant’s level of assertiveness, sociability, motivational style, and emotional maturity. Tests like these can help hiring managers and recruiters discover qualities required of leading roles. Available through providers such as SalesTestOnline, these tests suss out a prospective hire’s soft skills and sales personality type and can be used in conjunction with profiles you establish for the positions you need filled.

Toxic Behaviours Spread In The Workplace

When employees feel caged or pigeonholed, they’re more likely to project and displace their frustrations onto others on their team; the culture at work can grow to become uncomfortably sarcastic or critical. As well, when employees see their managers behaving badly, it can influence them to participate in similar behaviours – especially when bullying actions are condoned or praised.

Keep the culture of your office a positive and healthy one. While there will be times your supervisors will get stressed or run on a short fuse, a consistently negative outlook or berating of employees will spoil not only your workers’ efforts, but their overall wellness. Sales can be a tough industry, and so hiring a strong assertive manager that can work well under pressure without taking their insecurities out on others is key to maintaining a well-oiled machine.