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By asking the right questions of their customers, businesses will be able to access valuable knowledge that can help them significantly in the area of customer loyalty and retention. Customizable surveys present a simple and effective way to address this critical issue for companies, while engaging customers in the process.

With over a decade of experience in developing user-friendly, informative solutions for the field of customer experience management, GoalLine Solutions equips businesses with the tools to make positive changes. Their software and services help clients deliver a better experience for customers through knowledge gathering and analysis.

Programs like boostCX make it easy to deploy a customer experience survey, which assesses employees’ success in brand representation and customer engagement. Through multiple survey formats, including online and live calls, businesses can generate extensive data and implement solutions that work best for them. They can also set up mobile-friendly surveys in a multitude of languages, receive email alerts for survey activities, extract data in real-time, analyze data through graphical depictions and utilize complaint management capabilities.

As the opinions of customers and consumers become more valuable, it is increasingly important for businesses to tune into those voices and use them to strengthen their brand’s reputation. Used properly, these opinions can greatly enhance customer loyalty and retention – the key is having access to that knowledge in the first place.

Delivered in a completely customizable format, boostCX’s customer experience survey platform puts clients in a position to collect and analyze valuable data about customer service. They may have a concern about how their brand is presented to customers, particularly in the case of multiple locations and many employees, where standards can vary. Surveys, whether by phone, web or other avenue, go straight to the source. These tools also give weight to the customer and their opinions, encouraging stronger ties with the brand and company as a result.

In an age of increased connectivity, businesses can no longer afford to overlook this vital source of intelligence. The customer’s opinion, when acknowledged and carefully analyzed, has the power to drive progress through improved customer service and greater efficiency. For more information on how GoalLine Solutions can help strengthen and streamline your customer experience management, visit www.goallinesolutions.com.

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