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The Internet has made the consumers across the world quite intelligent. So much as they now know how to choose the best Service Provider who gives them the fastest and most reliable Internet connection at the lowest rates. When the service they provided became the biggest threat to their existence, the ISPs had no choice other than making sure they got their customers a better connection at a competitive rate. Otherwise, they were losing business faster than they had ever imagined. That is the main reason dial ups graduated to broadband and now have come up to fiber optics. Though fiber optics has been in use for many years, providing high-speed and seamless Internet connection to the large businesses and industries, it was only after start-ups like Bigpipe ventured into using them for residential purposes that they have become so popular. Fiber optics technology uses multiple glass-coated tiny fibers inside a cable so that the data is transmitted faster and consistently without being lost.

Advantages of using Fiber Optics over Cable or DSL

DSL is fast becoming a thing of past and it uses the telephone copper wire to transmit data. Because it is copper, it was not too fast but was comparatively much cheaper to subscribe and hence was a popular option till recently. It also had a tendency to lose out some signal as the distance between the ISP and the subscriber increased. This made the connection further slow. The maximum speed it can provide is 25 Mbps. As new technologies are coming up and cable is being used for Internet broadband connections, DSLs are becoming obsolete. Cable internet uses the coaxial cables that are used for television. The speed ranges from 3 Mbpsto 100 Mbps. Cable made sure that distance does not affect the signal quality and was much faster than DSL. Though it is being widely used now, the main disadvantage with cable broadband is that the same cable when shared among a large number of subscribers in the vicinityit starts getting slower for everyone. This became a common issue and that’s when the subscribers started checking for better options. The timing was perfect to coincide with the boom of search engines like Google and Yahoo and hence the consumers now knew what was causing the issues and how it can be overcome.

Fiber optics was already available in the Industrial sector for providing faster and reliable connection for commercial purposes for many years. The cables and installation cost heavily which made them less feasible to the resident users. As the residential users started accessing the internet more than the commercial sector, ISPs realized the need for providing better service to them to gain the flourishing market. With continuous R&D, better and cheaper fiber optic cables were developed which made them more feasible to the home internet users. Now the ISPs could afford these cables and provide better service to the residential users too providing them faster and consistent connection at a competitive price. The residential users realized the benefits and most of them were looking forward to a faster connection that let them watch movies and play games online seamlessly. As they were not dependent on cable or telephone, many users found it more accessible as they never wanted or had a telephone or cable connection and yet wanted a faster internet. With fiber optics, the speed the customers were looking at became 10 Mbps to 10000 Mbps which are 100 times faster than the fastest cable internet connection.

To penetrate into the market, many ISPs were ready to give special rates and value added benefits such as free land phone and flexible rates. This further prompted the cable internet users to move towards fiber optics internet. Now it is fast becoming the best way to provide an Internet connection and gain a larger clientele.

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