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Economic uncertainty has some employers holding out on adding to their payroll, making it harder for job hunters to find full-time employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, before the recession, job seekers could expect to look for about four months on average but in the current climate, a job search can last about 10 months on average. Often candidates focus their job search on full-time employment that tends to offer benefits, retirement savings plans and more stability, but experts warn not to overlook part-time openings to help fill in resume gaps and provide income. “Job seekers suffer from […]

Getting ahead at work in 2013

How will you reach for your career goals in 2013?Are you determined to give your career a boost in 2013?Will you ask for a raise, find a mentor or join a networking group?Share your professional 2013 resolutionsWe’ll feature the best on Want to get your career off to a flying start or shift up a gear? What are your your plans and resolutions for 2013?This year, Leading Women has been profiling inspirational women who have reached the very top in their fields, whether it’s in business, humanitarian work, politics, arts or sport.But research from the American Association of University Women […]

Technology advancements have made employees more efficient, but it also blurred the lines between work and personal life—which can be counterproductive to career advancement and productivity levels. Smartphones have made the office mobile, and has workers checking emails before and after hours and even during weekends. The convenience of being able to communicate outside the office has blurred the definition of work hours as many employees feel obligated to answer late-night emails. According to CareerBuilder, 17% of 5,200 workers felt like the workday never ends because technology provides access to the office while 30% of more than 2,300 workers contact […]

BP barred from U.S. government work

NEW: Trade association: “BP has done everything that the federal government has asked”Two years after the oil spill, experts weigh in on possible punishments for BP BP says it expects the temporary ban will be lifted soonThe EPA says the oil giant showed a “lack of business integrity” Remember when oil giant BP paid billions of dollars to clean up its own mess from the 2010 Gulf oil spill?Then the company agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges and pay an unprecedented $ 4 billion fine for the spill.In the latest development, Wednesday, BP was essentially told to stand in […]

Now is the time many retailers increase payroll to help deal with the holiday shopping surge and workers who play their cards right could turn a seasonal job into full-time employment. Last year, retailers added 660,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., expects 700,000 new jobs created this year. “Most employers are hiring now for the holiday season,” says Jolynn Cunningham, director of Talent at career website She cites retail, hospitality and transportation as industries signaling strong growth this season. “It’s been a slow climb out […]

These tried and true methods can help you drive sales and acquire new customers.. Sponsored Facebook posts. Blogging. Viral videos. In the age of the Internet, there’s no shortage of 21st-century marketing channels to generate buzz for your business. But after all these years—and the innovations in marketing they’ve brought—there are still some tried and true old-fashioned methods that yield results for your small business. Here, owners and small business marketing experts share their proven old school methods for gaining attention—and market share— in a crowded marketplace. 1. Try hard copy. It’s easy enough to get a client’s email address […]

Opinion: It’s ok to flirt at work

A woman sits on a desk at work. Women in business should not hesitate to use their “feminine charms” to get ahead, says Victoria Pynchon.Pynchon: Women are in lose-lose situation whether or not they conform to female stereotypesShe says we should encourage both men and women to use their authentic personality traitsPynchon: It’s wrong to think that using “feminine charms” sets back the women’s movementEditor’s note: Victoria Pynchon is the co-founder of She Negotiates Consulting and Training, a firm which aims to close the wage and leadership gap in business. After a 25-year career as a commercial litigator and trial […]

SANTIAGO Barrick Gold Corp, the world’s biggest gold producer, said on Saturday it had halted earth-moving works at its Pascua Lama mine on the Chile-Argentina border following concerns about the health of workers at the site high in the Andes. Inspectors from the Chilean Mining Ministry’s Sernageomin geology unit ordered the suspension of excavation works at the site on the grounds that excessive dust might pose a health risk, La Tercera newspaper reported. The newspaper said all construction work at the site had been suspended, but Barrick said later that the order from officials applied only to earth-moving operations and […]

Volunteering can take many forms: companies are seeing the benefit of offering employees chances to work on social projects.Companies with strong sustainability programs seen as popularJobs that are ‘flexible’ and ‘meaningful’ increasingly attractive Opportunities to work for the greater good a benefit for companies and individuals Experts agree: employees want to work for the good guys. And if companies want to attract and keep top talent, corporate social responsibility (CSR) matters.But as it turns out, just working for one of the “good guys” is no longer enough; employees want to be good guys, too. Companies like Patagonia and Levi’s are […]

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