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CHICAGO The venerable Washington Post may begin to charge readers to view its articles online, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation. The move could take effect next year, the newspaper said, along with an increase in the print newspaper’s newsstand price. In the wake of the New York Times’s successful implementation almost two years ago of a so-called “metered” paywall — in which customers who are not print subscribers are allowed to read 10 stories online for free before being asked to pay $ 15 a month for access — many other […]

With a few weeks remaining before the onset of “fiscal cliff,” a bipartisan delegation of governors is set to meet Tuesday with President Barack Obama and congressional leaders in search of some answers about the impact of deficit reduction measures on their state budgets, which rely heavily on federal aid. Federal grants to the states comprise about a third of state revenues in the United States, according to the Pew Center on the States. Cutbacks in federal contracting due to the automatic budget cuts set for January 1 will also reduce employment levels regionally, with the heaviest impact expected in […]

NEW YORK Investors are looking for a compromise to keep the U.S. economy from sailing over the fiscal cliff. It’s just not clear that the politicians in Washington are ready to deliver one. With $ 600 billion in tax increases and automatic spending cuts due to take effect in January, investors say they would welcome an agreement that delays most changes until Congress can hammer out a long-term deficit reduction deal in early 2013. “At the very least, I would like to see some kind of conciliatory rhetoric on both sides of the aisle to give investors assurance that a […]

President Barack Obama won a second four-year term in office as voters handed him a victory on Tuesday over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, television networks projected. Here is a snap analysis of the result: Obama’s win is not likely to change the dynamic in Washington. Obama’s victory will not strike fear into the hearts of Republicans, who are projected to retain control of the House of Representatives. Obama’s Democrats will hold on to the Senate, but fewer moderates of either party will be returning to Capitol Hill. That is a recipe for more white-knuckle showdowns over taxes and spending, and […]

Exit presidential elections. Enter looming budget crisis. And once again, a disconnect between how Washington and Wall Street see the world could cause pain for investors if the two get their signals crossed. At the beginning of next year, $ 600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts – known as the fiscal cliff – will automatically become law unless Congress acts. Such dramatic moves could hammer consumer and business spending, push the U.S. economy back into recession and send markets reeling. However, there is a sense that neither the financiers and investors in New York nor the lawmakers in […]

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