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Google and Samsung have teamed up for the Nexus 10 Android tablet, coming November 13.Google’s new 10-inch tablet is a direct competitor to Apple’s full-size iPadThe 16GB version will cost $ 399 and the 32GB version $ 499It will be running a new version of Android’s Jelly Bean operating systemThe tablet goes on sale November 13 While Apple is busy pushing a smaller tablet to take on Google and Amazon’s 7-inch offerings, Google is thinking big.The company has teamed up with Samsung for the new Nexus 10 tablet, a direct competitor to the full-size iPad.The Nexus 10 is a solid […]

Unlike the Q in the James Bond films, the Google (GOOG) Nexus Q won’t have a very long shelf life. Ars Technica reports that Google’s spherical streaming entertainment hub, unveiled just over a month ago at Google I/O, is being shelved indefinitely as Google says it needs time to make the product “even better.” Customers who preordered their Nexus Qs can rest easy, however, because Google says it will send them preview versions of the device free of charge, and anyone still interested in the Nexus Q can sign up for updates over on Google’s Nexus website. This content was […]

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