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If you play music at your business, follow these tips to avoid thousands of dollars in fines. As the owner of a small café, boutique or shop, you want your establishment to have the perfect customer-friendly vibe. So you plug your iPhone, Android or mp3 player into your sound system, and cue up your favorite playlist. No problem, right? Wrong — that is, if you haven’t purchased the proper music licensing. Joy Butler, a Washington, D.C., attorney who advises clients on music licensing, says small businesses can rack up thousands of dollars in fines for failing to adhere to copyright […]

When should stores start on the Christmas season? Is November too early?When should stores start on the Christmas season?For one Canadian drugstore chain, the first week in November is too soonAfter hearing complaints from customers, it pulled Christmas music from stores across Canada It’s a question most of us seem to have pondered at some point: When should stores start on the Christmas season?For one Canadian drugstore chain, the first week in November is too soon, at least for the sounds of the season.Shoppers Drug Mart pulled Christmas music from its almost 1,200 stores across Canada at midnight Friday after […]

Beijing residents practice ballroom dancing in a park in Beijing, China. China’s explosive growth is slowing as economy expands at lowest level in three yearsGrowth is the source of legitimacy and authority for China’s Communist PartyThere is a growing prosperity divide as Beijing tries to move economy toward domestic consumptionVictor Chu: “The whole legitimacy of this one party rule depends on the ability to deliver”Beijing — You can see them each night on street corners or public squares of Beijing, hundreds of Chinese couples ballroom dancing to music blaring from makeshift speakers.Some have this down to a fine art, twirling […]

Rolling out this week, Xbox Music will offer streaming and downloads across virtually all Microsoft products as well as others.Xbox Music service from Microsoft is rolling out this weekService will feature music streaming, playlists and purchasingCompany boasts of a catalog of more than 30 million songsFeature rolls out Tuesday for Xbox 360, October 26 for all Microsoft devices When Microsoft announced Xbox Music at this year’s E3 gaming expo, it sounded like an effort to become the next iTunes.But new details show that the service, which begins rolling out this week, aims to be a whole lot more.Microsoft announced Sunday […]

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) on Monday announced that Xbox Music, a digital music service to vie with Apple Inc’s (AAPL) iTunes and Amazon.com Inc’s (AMZN) Cloud Player, will be available for its Xbox game consoles on Tuesday. The service will be expanded to Windows software-based computers and tablets, including the upcoming Surface tablet, from October 26, when Microsoft launches Windows 8. It will be expanded to phones shortly after that. The world’s largest software maker has been trying for years to make the household living room an entertainment hub with its Xbox. More than 67 million units have been sold since […]

Welcome to OnSale at Business, where we look at cool stuff and insane bargains. A new streaming service offers free tunes for select phones. RadioShack and Cricket team up to give customers a great price for pre-paid wireless service. A project on Kickstarter offers a sleek new keyboard for iPad. And a new app for the iPhone promises to make even a rainy day bike ride a lot of fun. Streaming Music from Nokia Nokia’s free streaming songs service, aptly named Nokia Music, is now available for music lovers stateside. Playing songs from more than 150 different playlists, the service […]

Paul McCartney closes the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games with a well-received rendition of “Hey Jude”. Duran Duran to play at Olympics

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