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While the U.S. unemployment rate has improved markedly from the double digits during the recession, it was still stuck at 7.9% as of October. Some regions fare far better than rest of the country, despite the fact that more than 12 million people are still considered unemployed in the U.S. 24/7 Wall St. looked at the 10 metropolitan areas in the U.S. where unemployment barely exists. Higher education and industries that support it are the reason these metropolitan areas are doing well. College towns across America tend to have lower unemployment rates than the population as a whole, Martin Kohli, […]

Current rock-bottom mortgage interest rates make it a buyer’s market in most of the country, but there’s more good news for homebuyers: their money will also go further. Buyers can get a four-bedroom house in many parts of the U.S. and it won’t cost them more than $ 200,000, according to a new home prices survey by real estate firm Coldwell Banker.   “In 35% of all the markets in this survey the average price for a four-bedroom home is under $ 200,000,” says Budge Huskey, president and chief executive of Coldwell Banker. “When you look at interest rates where they […]

Poll: Singapore is most stoic nation

Singapore has one of the lowest jobless rates and highest per capita GDP in the world but tops nations as “emotionless.”Trailing behind Singapore as “emotionless” were nearly half of 15 former Soviet republicsFindings belie Singapore’s 1.9% jobless rate, high per capita GDPPhilippines, meanwhile, registers as most emotional nationU.N. has declared “pursuit of happiness” as fundamental human goalHong Kong — The most emotionless society is Singapore’s despite its reputation for being among the world’s richest, a new survey has revealed.Gallup looked at 150 countries where about 1,000 residents were asked whether they experienced five positive and five negative emotions a lot […]

Buying a car in London might be cheaper than owning it. The monthly parking rates are highest in the world in London-City at $ 1,084, according to Colliers International. A little cheaper on the West End of London at $ 1,014. Having a car in Zurich will cost you $ 822 a month on parking bills. If you can find the parking space in Hong Kong, your monthly parking bills will be $ 745. In Tokyo, a parking building can be more profitable than an apartment. Parking rent per month is at $ 744. If you want to pay parking […]

Should you pay to promote your Facebook posts? Consider advice from small business owners who have done it. Social networking giant Facebook rolled out a new feature in May 2012, aimed at helping you boost your social power by offering the option to promote your posts to the site. Essentially, a promoted post allows you to pay a small fee (typically around $ 10, but it varies based on the number of fans your business page has) for a post to be broadcast to a larger audience of users. But should you pay to promote your Facebook posts? Is it […]

COPENHAGEN/STOCKHOLM Scandinavian airline SAS reached agreements with most unions on wage cuts and pensions on Monday, and was pushing hard in talks with two remaining labor groups as it sought to ensure the group’s survival. The airline, hit by competition from lower-price rivals, last week announced plans to cut some salaries by up to 17 percent, lower overall headcount to about 9,000 from 15,000 and reduce costs. The airline had said a deal with unions, which also includes changes to work hours, must be reached by Sunday but talks carried over into Monday with a grueling all night session. Agreements […]

European and U.S. fishing enthusiasts and conservationists are buying in PatagoniaSomali pirates are pouring profits into buying real estate in Nairobi European and US fishing enthusiasts and conservationists are buying in PatagoniaFly fishing and new high-end travel is growing in Russia’s Kola peninsulaEuropeans and Latin Americans are buying in Portobelo, Panama(Financial Times) — In 2010, reports of Somali pirates pouring into Nairobi’s middle- and upper-end property market began to emerge from the Horn of Africa. Laden with sacks of cash, these rogue investors were said to be converting illegally-acquired ransom bounty into commercial and residential real estate in Nairobi’s bustling […]

For newer homeowners who aren’t familiar with their home’s maintenance needs, home maintenance chores can be daunting. When the list of home repair chores, from inspecting the roof to regrouting the bathtub, grows overwhelming the question naturally arises: What’s most important? The answer: Maintenance chores that involve safety or water intrusion should be top priority, according to David Tamny, American Society of Home Inspectors inspector and owner of Professional Property Inspection in Columbus, Ohio. “One of the most important elements of homeowner maintenance is anything that has to do with drainage or water flow. Gutters or problems with grading and […]

With Black Friday just a few days away, now is the time for shoppers to prepare to take advantage of all the rock-bottom deals. Gone are the days when retailers kept their door buster deals secret to the last minute. More stores continue to leak this year’s bargains nearly every day, allowing shoppers to adopt an efficient and cost-savings Black Friday game plan. “There’s more to tackling Black Friday deals than battling long lines,” says consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch. “A plan and some much-needed prep work will get you ahead of the rest, even with a belly full of […]

Most Popular Car Colors of 2012

Consumers may ogle the car painted lipstick-red, but they tend to go home with the prim one all in white. That’s what PPG Industries, a Pittsburgh-based company that makes paints for vehicles and airplanes, suggests in a report released this week. Twenty-two percent of new-car buyers worldwide pick white cars, putting the color at the top of the popularity list. And 20% choose silver, which was the most popular car color from 2001 to 2010, and only 9% opt for sexier shades of red. Here are the global preferences, which PPG says was culled from 2012 data and recent statistics […]

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