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SAN FRANCISCO Gilt Groupe said on Thursday it hired board member and Citigroup Inc Internet executive Michelle Peluso as chief executive as the e-commerce company prepares for a possible initial public offering next year. Peluso will replace Gilt founder and current CEO Kevin Ryan in late February. Ryan will become chairman of Gilt and the company’s current chairman Susan Lyne will be vice chairman, the company said. Ryan founded Gilt in 2007 as the first major flash sales company in the United States. Flash sales, pioneered by Vente Privee in France, are limited-time, online sales of mostly luxury goods such […]

Cerf says several regimes reportedly propose an anonymity ban, making it easier to find dissidents.Some 42 countries filter and censor content out of the 72 studied by the Open Net InitiativeAccording to an OECD study, the net already accounts of 13% of American business outputAt Google, Cerf says the company sees dangers of a government-led net crackdownA state-controlled regulatory system is unnecessary and would invariably raise costsEditor’s note: Vinton Cerf is Google’s chief internet evangelist. He, along with American computer scientist Bob Kahn, is often called one of the “fathers of the Internet.” Cerf is credited with helping to develop […]

CHICAGO Syria essentially went offline Thursday due to a shutdown of the overwhelming majority of networks in the civil-war torn nation, according to two tracking companies. Renesys said that 77 networks, or 92% of the routed networks in the country, went down — all of them operated by the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment. Akamai later tweeted that its own traffic data “supports [that] observation that Syria is effectively off the Internet.’

The $ 5,000 Cybertecture Mirror monitors health statistics and real-time social media updates.The Internet of Things market in China is expected to hit $ 80.3 billion in 2015Beijing has earmarked $ 800 million for IoT investment by 2015China has created state-funded zones like Chengdu Internet of Things Technology Institute Beijing aims to become a global leader in setting IoT global standardsHong Kong — When architect James Law looks in the mirror each morning his reflection is not all that greets him — he can also see the weather report, e-mail messages and his heart rate.”The biggest game changer of the […]

In-flight internet taking off

More airlines providing Wi-Fi on their flightsNorwegian Air first airline in Europe to offer free Wi-Fi Gogo system installed on 1,600 U.S. jets, according to CEORow 44 provides satellite-based system that can access internet even over the oceanBusiness Traveller is a monthly show about making the most of doing business on the road. As the globe has become increasingly outfitted with wi-fi hotspots and cell phone towers, the skies have long been the last refuge from constant connectivity. That’s changing, however, as more airlines are realizing wi-fi’s earning potential.By its own estimate, one of the fastest-growing companies in America is […]

SAN FRANCISCO From Fab.com to Amazon.com Inc and eBay Inc, e-commerce companies scrambled on Tuesday to get goods to buyers on time after Hurricane Sandy tore a swathe of destruction across the U.S. northeast. The storm — which severed power to warehouses and offices, ripped up rails and roads and shuttered airports — challenged the notion that Internet retailers might benefit from problems at store chains exposed to the elements. Fab.com, a fast-growing design e-commerce start-up based in New York City, handled unusually strong volumes on Monday as people hunkered down at home. Then the problems began. Fab operates out […]

The Center for Copyright Information says a new system will warn users when accounts are used to illegally download content.New warning system will let people know they are illegally downloading contentFirst the Internet providers will try to educate people about how to get content legallyCustomers could eventually face punishments such as a slowed Internet connectionThe Copyright Alert System has been four years in the making It is about to get a bit more difficult to illegally download TV shows, movies or music online.A new alert system, rolling out over the next two months, will repeatedly warn and possibly punish people […]

Microsoft (MSFT) warned of a newly-discovered bug in its Internet Explorer 9 browser late Monday that could make computers vulnerable to hacking attempts and viruses. The flaw impacts hundreds of millions of Internet Explorer users and as many PCs but does not impact Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft said. “We have received reports of only a small number of targeted attacks and are working to develop a security update to address this issue,” Microsoft’s director of the Trustworthy Computing Group, Yunsun Wee, said on the company’s official corporate security response blog. The maker of Windows software advised customers late Monday to […]

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) warned a newly discovered bug in its Internet Explorer web browser makes PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers and urged customers to download a piece of security software to mitigate the risk of infection. The security flaw affects hundreds of millions of Internet Explorer browser users. Microsoft said attackers can exploit the bug to infect the PC of somebody who visits a malicious website and then take control of the victim’s computer. The software maker advised customers on its website late on Monday to install the security software as an interim measure, buying it time to fix […]

Study: Sweden is Internet champs

The Web Index ranks countries on how well they use the Internet. Dark blue and purple ones scored highest and red the lowest.Sweden tops Web Index ranking of countriesYemen takes the bottom spot in the 5-year studyThe report is backed by Tim Berners-Lee, a Web inventorGlobally, one in three people use the Web; one in six Africans do Which country is the best at putting the Web to use?That would be Sweden, according to a new report spearheaded by Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who basically invented the World Wide Web (and who had a role in the opening ceremony of […]

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