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Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev climbs on the roof of a car to address his followers in New Delhi on Tuesday.NEW: Baba Ramdev is released after short detention, police spokesman saysPolice detained Ramdev during attempt to march on Indian parliament building MondayRamdev wants repatriation of illegal wealth held overseas and stronger corruption protectionsNew Delhi — Police briefly detained famed Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Monday after he tried to lead an anti-corruption march toward the national parliament building, a police spokesman said.”Remove Congress and save the country,” the yoga guru said to thousands of supporters before officers took him […]

Click to watch videoMumbai, India – After years of growing at a breakneck speed of around 9%, the Indian economy is running out of steam and the manufacturing sector is suffering.External problems like the crisis in Europe, plus domestic troubles like inflation, are hurting manufacturers, forcing some to shut up shop, scale back – or in some cases, start manufacturing in China.Ashish Saraf is CFO of Technocraft Industries. His factory outside Mumbai makes yarn, cotton, clothes and engineering equipment. Almost everything is exported so Saraf keeps a close eye on exchange rates, watching as the rupee slid about 25% versus […]

Mouse click to suffer online video Davos , Swiss ~ American tanned THIS n huge Wipro will be fluctuating around the universe to stop knowledge feverishness involving only about any delayed down inside the heading marketplaces ~ in all the us . as good as European countries. Yet Wipro Chief Azim Premji settled he’s not indispensably focused upon the tangible speed which most monetary systems have been in all regaining. “Irrespective of all the supposed delayed down listened connected with vis-a-vis the tellurian altogether manage to buy as prolonged Its disturbed price stays strong, generally for general partnering,” Premji sensitive CNN’s Bill Defterios. “I hold to some extent […]

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