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How to Find Help Outside of a Nursing Home You can no longer live on your own without the help of a caregiver, but you aren’t yet ready to surrender your independence to a nursing home. Join the club. A 2010 study by the AARP found that nearly three-quarters of adults ages 45 and older say they’d prefer to age at home as long as possible. Suzanne Modigliani, a geriatric care manager in Boston, notes that seniors who choose to live a more independent lifestyle, especially those who live alone, should exercise greater vigilance when choosing service providers. “People can […]

If you work at a company providing a 401(k) plan, it behooves you to understand your fund options. Most plans offer three types of investment alternatives: target-date mutual funds, actively managed mutual funds and index funds. The funds you choose will depend on your investment philosophy, your risk tolerance and how much time you’re willing to spend on allocating your assets. With target-date funds, you select the fund with the date closest to your planned retirement. Target-date funds are made up of other mutual funds — a combination of stock funds, bond funds and sometimes funds with alternative assets. In […]

With tuition prices on a steady incline, now more than ever, students should take advantage of every opportunity for free money to help cover costs. The price of in-state tuition at four-year public universities rose nearly $ 400 this fall, an increase of nearly 5%, to an average to $ 8,655. The cost of room-and-board increased to $ 17,860 for students living on campus to $ 17,860. Scholarships are available year round for students of all ages, but high school juniors and seniors should be searching for opportunities now since many scholarship program applications are due in the fall, according […]

NEW YORK Shares of Google Inc. rose 1.2% to $ 703.50 in premarket trades on Friday, finding their footing after an 8% slide in the previous session. Oppenheimer & Co. cut their rating on Google to perform from outperform following its weaker-than-expected earnings. Analysts said the company’s mobile device sales are weighing on margins. Analysts cut their price target on the stock to $ 765 a share from $ 800 a share. Earlier Bank of America Merrill Lynch cut its rating on Google to neutral from buy and lowered its price target to $ 745 a share from $ […]

Ask any homeowner who just went through a renovation and they will tell you: it’s harder than it looks. Home renovations always look easier sketched out on an architect’s paper, but the execution rarely stays on schedule with unexpected issues like shipment delays, weather and structural problems detouring the original plan and possibly sending the project over budget. But before work on the home even starts, choosing the right contractor to work with is a critical decision and could turn your dream home into a living nightmare. “Most any remodeling project will be a significant investment in your home, and […]

How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility One offers an active social program. The other provides support services that enable you to age in place. A third is the most budget-friendly, but it’s an hour away from family and friends. When it comes to selecting an assisted living facility, there’s no shortage of options from which to choose. To find the best fit, you’ll have to decide where your priorities lie, ask the right questions, and be honest with yourself about the level of care you may need as you continue to age. “Price is important, but it’s not the […]

To keep up with rising education costs in the midst of shrinking savings and scholarship funds, many students are turning to private student loans to fill in the financial gaps to pay for college. According to FinAid.org, private student loan volume is expected to return to the 25% annual growth rate unless there is another increase in federal loan limits or increased availability of federal student loans. The organization also expects private student loan volume to grow at double-digit rates and yearly private education loan volume will exceed federal student loan volume by around 2030 if federal loan limits do not increase every […]

Dear Insurance Adviser, My homeowners insurance expires very soon (my agent no longer represents the insurer) and we are shopping around for a good rate on our own. I have been calling places, but the rates are sky-high compared to my current one. Some say rates have skyrocketed due to wind and hail claims in our area (in northeastern Ohio), but I’m not sure if that is true. How can I get an affordable rate? — Penny Wise Dear Penny, It’s a fact that most of the U.S. has been experiencing serious storm losses at a far greater clip than […]

In Greek mythology, the character Mentor (often the goddess Athena in disguise) was the trusted guardian Odysseus appointed to watch over his son Telemachus when he departed for the Trojan War. The pivotal role Mentor played in the development of the young Telemachus inspired the notion of mentoring, a term that first became popular in the 18th Century, and has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due to the weak labor market.     Both employees and job seekers can use mentors to become a better, more productive worker and learn the ropes of a new industry.  Mentors will be able to […]

Question: How can I find how many insurance points I have?  And I don’t mean driver’s license points; I know I can get that points total from the DMV. Answer: The foolproof way of finding out how many insurance points you’ve accumulated with your car insurance company is to simply ask your auto insurance agent. In some states, insurance companies are legally required to give you a copy of the insurance points list (sometimes also called surcharge schedule), so check through your auto insurance paperwork and then call your agent if you don’t have the list or if you want to […]

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