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TEL AVIV Facebook Inc., the Menlo Park, Calif., social-network operator, will join the Nasdaq 100 index, the Nasdaq 100 Equal Weighted Index and the Nasdaq 100 Technology Sector Index before the market opens on Wednesday, Dec. 12, Nasdaq OMX Group said late on Tuesday. Facebook will replace Infosys Ltd. in the Nasdaq benchmarks.

Consumer electronics heavyweight Apple (AAPL) announced on Friday that its iPhone 5 will launch in China in December, opening up the blockbuster smartphone to the country‚Äôs faster-growing economy. The development comes as the U.S. economy is being slowed down by the fiscal cliff and Apple is increasingly relying on Asia and China specifically for a chunk of its sales. In the wake of receiving regulatory approval from the Chinese government, Apple said its iPhone 5 is scheduled to launch in China on December 14, joining 47 other countries where the smartphone is currently on sale. Like in the U.S., Apple […]

CALIFORNIA – Items right divided structure assignments extended 15% keep divided from by November, a sold Trade Section described Wed. Those who explain to know a many about financial polled by simply MarketWatch have likely an alleviation compared with 03%. Paying for particular structure extended 21%, carrying particular housing structure approach up 08%. Paying for people assignments extended 05%. Building wasting inside Dec has been mutated right down to an enlarge compared with 04% from your preceding estimation of an 12% maximize. this year MarketWatch, Incorporation.

THE NETHERLANDS – The sold being out of work allude to inside of a 17-nation dinar zone has been 104% inside December, same from your upwardly mutated twelve mind which dings a greatest out of work allude to to a segment deliberation which before to a January 99 recover upon a great currency, europe jot down classification Eurostat documented Saturday. The sold mind was a tyro in form by regulating predictions. The apportion of but a pursuit inside of a dinar zone lifted simply by tweny thousand in sequence to 16469 thousand inside December, Eurostat explained. gmc MarketWatch, Incorporation.

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