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Demonstrators stand in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens on November 7, 2012 during a 48-hour general strike.Greece’s creditors have approved the release of a €34.3bn loan tranche during a meeting in Brussels on ThursdayThe payment, set for next week, is being touted as a crucial step in restoring Greek liquidity and growth By setting aside €16bn for Greece’s four largest banks, officials are hoping to trigger a trickle of lending Greece will receive another €14.8bn early next year given that certain milestones in its reform programme are met(Financial Times) — A much-needed — and long-delayed — 34.3bn loan […]

If you’ve ever complained that you’re stuck in a dead-end job, take note: you could be your own worst enemy. A recent VitalSmarts survey shows 97% of employees report they have a career-limiting habit. The attitudes of “It’s not my job,” procrastination, resistance to change and a negative attitude are among the top five career-limiting habits that keep employees from achieving their potential at work, which in turn limits their raise and promotion potential. Also on the list of career-inhibiting habits include disrespect, short-term focus, selfishness, passive aggressiveness and risk aversion, according to the survey. What’s more, almost half of […]

Borrowers face plenty of reasons for rejection when they apply for credit, but perhaps the most distressing is being told that a creditor or credit bureau believes you’re dead. That might seem incredible, but it’s a mistake that does occur. Typically, this error happens because the borrower shared a joint account with a person who died and a creditor incorrectly notified the credit bureau, which then flagged the wrong person’s account or file with a so-called death indicator, according to David Blumberg, a spokesman for TransUnion, a Chicago-based credit bureau. “In the majority of cases, it concerns joint accounts such […]

A whopping 77 tax deductions, tax credits and other tax-saving laws expired on Dec. 31, 2011, according to a tally by the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. This hodgepodge of individual and business tax breaks — some of which apply to large groups of taxpayers, others that are much more specific — have been on the books for years. But technically these laws are temporary. Each has a specific end date, typically the conclusion of a tax year. For the most part, Congress has extended them year after year. That’s why the collective bunch is referred to as “extenders.” Individual […]

Here’s the scenario: your 26-year-old son was killed in a car accident two months ago. In addition to dealing with your grief, you’ve been wrapping up his financial life: paying hospital, doctor and utilities bills along with other creditors.  Just when you thought you were done, a statement is forwarded from his former address. It’s from a credit card account attached to a major electronics chain and contains several expensive purchases. One is for a laptop bought the week before he died. Others include two 52″ LED TVs and several DVD players. These charges are dated the week after your […]

Rejected for a loan because your credit history was shut down? It could be because the credit bureaus think you’re dead.  About 1,000 people per month get mistakenly declared dead by the Social Security Administration every year, according to government estimates. Many more get falsely reported as deceased by their bank, credit card issuer or by one of the big three credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax or TransUnion. Often, when victims find out that they have been accidentally declared dead, they assume that proving they’re alive and well will be an easy fix. Instead, they find they will have to […]

Smart consumers know the value of good credit. But what happens to that credit record and score when someone dies? Answer: The individual’s credit accounts and files should be flagged with a so-called death indicator to protect against misuse of the information, including fraud and identity theft. That flagging can occur in several ways, says Anthony Sprauve, a spokesman for FICO.com, a consumer information website operated by FICO, which invented the FICO credit score. The most direct way is for the executor of the deceased’s estate to notify the three credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax — of the […]

Tarmac’s primary business is aircraft storage but the company has stripped 12 planes completely since its inception three years ago.A close-up view of an airplane wing being dismantled. Valuable parts can be sold on by plane owners at a profit while any remaining scrap metal is broken down for resale by Tarmac. The art of recycling airplanesThe parts salvaged during this process are repackaged and repurposed. Landing gear and wing flaps are shipped out to be reinstalled in new planes while cockpits are reborn as flight simulators. All parts that are saved can be sold on by the aircraft owners. […]

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