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If you are worried about protecting your family from a tornado, hurricane, wildfire or worse — radioactive particles from a nuclear explosion — a fallout shelter may be the answer. Paul Seyfried, co-owner of Utah Shelter Systems, specializes in making fallout shelters and other structures to protect people in such doomsday scenarios. “Most of our clients are simply Americans who want to improve the safety and security of their families in tumultuous times,” he says. Installing a fallout shelter is similar to improving any other structure on a homeowner’s property, Seyfried says. Depending on the builder, the shelter could be […]

Nissan Motor Co <7201.T> is recalling 13,919 of its top-selling Altima sedans in the United States because bolts that may not have been tightened properly during production could fall off, increasing the risk of a crash, according to U.S. safety regulators. The Altima sedans are from the from the 2012 and 2013 model years and were made at the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, from May 10 to July 26, Nissan North America told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “Some of the subject vehicles may have been manufactured with four transverse link bolts and two power steering rack bolts […]

Usain Bolt’s social media gold

Usain Bolt reflects on winning the 200 meters final, the most talked about Olympic moment on Twitter.Usain Bolt was the most talked about athlete on social media, say Twitter and FacebookHis sprint finals were the most discussed Olympic eventsU.S. swimmer Michael Phelps was the second most talked about OlympianThe Spice Girls appearance at the closing ceremony prompted more chatter than any eventLondon — His blistering pace and larger-than-life antics made him the king of the track in London, and bolstered his claims to be a “living legend.”Now figures released by Twitter and Facebook have confirmed that Usain Bolt was the […]

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