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Small Businesses in the Internet Age

Aug - 27 - 2013

Sometimes, it can feel as though modern technology is paving the way for big businesses to take over the world. But actually, the internet and the speed at which technology is changing our lives, is making it easier and easier for small businesses to operate.

There are several things you can do to guarantee that your business is as effective and stable as possible. One is to ensure that you have the proper small business insurance cover. Another is to check that you are using technology and the internet to its full capacity.

Here is a list of the ways the internet is changing small businesses for the better:

1)      Online audiences

There was a time when you had to place print ads or posters in the right places to track down customers. Nowadays, the most popular place that business owners go to find customers is the web. There are very few target markets that don’t use the internet regularly, so regardless of what service or product you’re offering, you’ll do it optimally online.

2)      Social Media

Everyone’s using online networking tools, and any small business should be too. Not only does having a company page on a networking site give you free marketing, it also offers you the opportunity to connect with other businesses. Building up a virtual community boosts sales, as well as increasing your access to future clients. Finally, it also gives you a support network to help you maximize the efficiency of your business.

3)      Remote production and delivery

Gone are the days when small businesses needed to make face-to-face contact with factories and suppliers before they could think about selling anything. The internet enables anyone to sell almost anything, with no more than a string of emails and a perhaps a few phone calls. Delivery is much less stressful too, and if your business isn’t using an online delivery system, you should really think about the time you’d save if you switched to using one.

4)      Online money management

It seems like a long time ago that payment was taken via cheques sent through the post. Online secure payment tools enable the smallest of businesses, or even individuals, to process money safely and easily. Not only does this help the business manage their own finances, but it also helps relax the customer and encourage them to do business with the company.

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