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Movavi Slideshow Maker is an easy to use and full featured slideshow creation software that allows you to create picture slides for all occasions. You can use the software to create picture slideshows for a school assignment, class session, or work assignment. You can create slideshows of memorable moments on special occasion events like birthday, wedding, and anniversary. It uses a powerful compression method to compress the slideshow video so that it is small size and easy to upload.

Movavi photo slideshow maker has a timeline panel where all the photos that are being added will show up. The Add Media Files button is not the only way for adding the photos and song tracks. Photos and song tracks can also be loaded into the software by dragging them into the timeline. If all your photos are in a single folder, you can click the Add Folder button to load them all at once into the timeline.

Rearranging the photos can be done easily by simply dragging them to the desired spot. You can drag the photo pass multiple photos to the right spot according to the story line sequence you have in mind. The photos will be loaded into the photos track while the song tracks are loaded into the audio track in the timeline.

You will be able to see the file name of the song track so that it is easy for you to rearrange them in the timeline area. You can use more than one song tracks as you see fit for your slideshow.Whenever you want to preview the slideshow, you just need to press on the play button. As the slideshow is being played, the red marker will also move to show what part of the slide it is currently playing.

If you want to exclude a part in the photo from the slideshow, you can use the scissor tool to trim off that part. To trim a photo, you must first select the scissor tool and then move the red marker to span over the area you want to delete. To trim the selected part, you can either press the delete key or press the trash can button. The rotate tool allows you to rotate a photo by 90 degree clockwise. The cropping tool allows you to crop off the excess part of the photo that is unnecessary to retain. You can adjust the cropping frame by dragging the corner.

Movavi Slideshow Maker provides a wide variety of transition styles to improve the slideshows. Adding a transition style is easy and you simply have to drag it to the gray area in between two picture slides in the timeline. Pressing the microphone button will bring up the record audio tool. You can customize a few settings in the audio recording tool including audio device, audio quality and volume. You should move the red marker to the point where you want to recorded audio to start playing before going to the audio recording tool to record the audio.

You can adjust the slide duration by resizing the length of the slide on the timeline. To make the slide appears longer, you should expand the length of the slide. To make the slide appears shorter, you must reduce the length of the slide. To make the slide appear shorter, you should drag the There is a basic color adjustment tool that you can use to adjust the overall color tone of the photo. If you want to display some text on the slide, you can select the T tab on the left and drag a suitable text style onto the slide. Next, you must double click on the text block in the timeline and put your cursor to type in the desired words in the text box on the preview area.

Movavi Slideshow Maker has an easy mode that guide you creating slideshow in 3 simple steps including load photo, choose transition style and add music. The easy mode allows you to make adjustment on the slide duration based on the music tempo or set the minimum slide duration.

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