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Renovating Your Office Building

Mar - 27 - 2013

Your head office is more than just a building to manage operations – it’s a building which should represent your company ethos, your business mantra and most importantly, your brand. If your business believes in being environmentally friendly, you should use recyclable materials; if you have a creative agency, your office should be inspiring; if you look after high profile clients, your office should reflect that.

The way your office looks and the way it feels to be walk in there should be completely in line with your branding so there is a lot to consider when you’re renovating your building.

Not only that, but a stylishly designed office space helps with so many human resourcing problems such as staff retention, loyalty, work ethic, motivation and creative inspiration. A beautiful, relaxing and comfortable working environment = happy workers.  Employee satisfaction is something that should never be underestimated if you’re interested in maximising production within your business.

How to Renovate Your Office

If you’re looking to make your office building as comfortable and as stylish as possible to please both clients and staff members, take a look at the following ideas for a quick solution:

  • Artificial grass in external areas – greenery really does sooth the soul and just as plants are recommended for indoor offices, there’s just as much benefit in creating an outdoor garden area. This gives your office building great curb appeal, making it pleasant for visitors, employees and clients. Using artificial grass is the most cost effective option as there is no need to garden maintenance. Visit Great Grass to find out more.
  • Add a dining area – working long hours with a computer screen is bad for employee health and it’s not great for moral either. Even more importantly, working overtime and skipping lunch is counterproductive. A dedicated dining / seating area will allow workers to take much needed breaks. In addition, clients can also use these seating areas when you run out of meeting room.
  • Get inspiring art – if you want an office which inspires your creative team, a stimulating working environment is needed. Shop for art, take a look at interesting sculptures, get artistic light fittings and make your office look and feel as interactive as possible.
  • Create a reception / waiting area – when clients come to visit, it’s important that they get a warm reception. Creating the right image is important when inviting clients or business parties to your head office and a stylish waiting area/reception will help you crate the right impression as soon as they arrive.

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