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Identifying roof problems can be easier than you think, but this fact makes the decision harder if you wish to use a professional or use products such as Flex Seal to resolve your roof repair. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) it is necessary to perform a roofing inspection twice a year, but addressing common roofing problems yourself can really help save your money. As seen on TV, Flex Seal is a liquid rubber sealant coating that stops roof leaks fast.

Do it Yourself with Flex Seal

Although, it is undeniable that a professional roofer can do the job with ease and in a faster manner, sometimes leakage problems that are not too big you can actually do yourself. Even though, keep in mind that the roofing services usually offer a guarantee for the job performed and when you try DIY products, the guarantee is for the result of the product itself, but not for the efficiency of the person who applies it. Therefore, Flex Seal is often a good solution for small roofing problems such as covering small cracks and holes, besides sealing out humidity and outdoor air.

Pros of Flex Seal

Flex Seal is a long lasting sealant that can also be used in gutters, skylights, pipes and other areas of the plumbing system. This product is available in 14 ounces aerosol spray, and its average price is around $13, while the cheaper services of a professional roofer can be at least three times this same amount. Based on these figures, you would have to evaluate how large the roofing leak is you are considering to seal with Flex Seal and how many spray cans you may need for this purpose, besides the complexity of the job.

Cons of Flex Seal

When it comes to inspect and repair roofing problems, Flex Seal has a few cons; it cannot be used on water or gas tanks, nor in or next high-pressure heating appliances. Another con is that the product turns into a solid rubber patch overtime that can be easily peeled of by environmental factors. On the other hand, remember that professional roofers can safely climb up on any type of roof, while it might be a major security hazard for you to climb up and particularly when the work has to be done over slate roofing.

So that, it is advisable that you inspect your roof first or get a professional doing this job, to determine if applying Flex Seal yourself is a better alternative than hiring a roofing professional.

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