Organize for Functionality

When you think about how you would like your office to look, do you ask yourself one very simple question? Why? The question as to why you need your office to look better and more organized may be key to understanding how to get it organized more to your needs. Your office is your second home, and it should look as tidy and neat as your home. You live here practically. You make decisions. You perform highly advanced functions. You do the heavy lifting here. So make it a clean, respectable location.

The first step is to understand what you need. A perfect way of organizing important documents that may be cluttered all around you is through lamination from USI Laminate. This method allows you to keep any important information, or things you use daily free from dust, fingerprints, spills, rips, and tears. This makes for easy retrieval and security of the documents.

The second step is to eliminate the clutter. Just spend some extra time after everyone has gone home and bulldoze everything. Make three piles: Important, not that important, and trash. The important things you can either laminate or file away in important documents. If it’s not that important, carefully read through each document to see what can be thrown away. As for the trash pile? Throw it all away. Goodbye. Out of your life forever.

Your desktop is like the doorway into your working life. It must be free of clutter while not working. The “5S” method is perfect for cleaning and organizing. It states the “S” as Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Sounds easy, right? Guess what? It can be…but starting out is a bit tricky. The sorting part is difficult as you need to identify what is important and salvageable. The set part is the fun part because you construct your desktop to look the way you want it and in the most functional form. The shine part is where you throw some elbow grease into the project and clean the desk. Get out the duster and rag. Standardize is a form of making sure the things you have adhere to some code your business may have instilled for employees. This includes labeling items, etc. Sustaining is the most difficult. You have to maintain this discipline in order for “5S” to truly work.

Data management is a huge concern when it comes to being organized and professional. It’s also a good policy for document security. In today’s world, security is a constant threat. At the drop of a hat, someone could steal data to make money for themselves or some organization while you look at your bottom dollar falling hard. Therefore, it’s important to remember data management techniques are vital to the successful organization of any office. Always back up your data. Use company-sanctioned equipment for data management. Do not let anyone have access to your system unless they have company-sanctioned permission. Do not write anything down. Keep it on your desktop and discard it. It protects you and the company. You don’t want to be held liable for a data breach.

Recycling is important. It adds to the sustainability factor of the “5S”. You will want to make sure your office has plenty of resources for recycling. This also calls for a document shredder of some kind to eliminate any sensitive information. The key to organization is to stay on top of a lean mentality.

The key thing to remember when organizing your office is visualization. See how you want your office to be. Maybe even draw it on paper. Then, after you have created the picture in your head, go for the goal. Strive to get to the planned outcome by following the aforementioned tips and techniques. Remember, cleanliness is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to your workspace. It might be good to appear as though you have a bit of an obsession.

You will find that once you are organized, your functionality and productivity will increase. You will feel better in your working environment. You will be able to access information quicker and come up with results faster. Try these tips and have fun recreating your workspace.