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Online MBA Program

Sep - 25 - 2013

Online MBA programs no GMAT are available at the private Catholic liberal arts institution Marylhurst University in the Oregon city of the same name. The student can choose among the following specialties:

sustainable business (This term refers to an entity whose perpetual endeavor is to meet the so-called triple bottom line, i.e. profit, people, planet, and whose activities have the least negative impact on society or the environment.
real estate
general management
health care management (gerontology)
HCM hospital management
HCM leadership and general management

Each of these specializations leads to a highly-regarded and we'll-paying career. A concentration in marketing, for instance, is an opportunity to exercise one's creative side in business, focusing on brand management and strategy, marketing research, customer relations, product development and pricing strategies. Nonprofit and charitable organizations, on the other hand, face numerous challenges that are unique to their type of business, and the student who majors in this field is taught all about these unique challenges and the problems related to fund raising, managing volunteers and other nonprofit activities.

The entire curriculum consists of eighteen months of study. There is also an accelerated program format, in which each session lasts five weeks, that enables the student to concentrate more heavily in a specific subject by taking only one course at a time. Courses are designed to help students learn how to think strategically, solve problems in a creative way, expand their managerial skills and become competent in all of the major areas of business. The entire apparatus is available in online form, which is good news indeed for those who live far away and cannot afford to live on or near the campus.

For more information on the MBA courses of study at Marylhurst, order a free brochure online. Select the degree program in which you are interested from among those given above, indicate the highest level of education you completed, and give your name, email, phone number and ZIP code.

Marylhurst has accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges. Each of its business degree programs, in addition, is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. The university's MBA program has also been ranked number one by Portland Business Journal.

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