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If you are a small business owner and are looking to take control of your income it is crucial that you use the online marketing tools that are going to be beneficial for your business. With so many choices available these days knowing which tools are needed to aid in your success can be tricky. This article is going to cover which online marketing tools small business owners should be using.

Ziffen Tools

Ziffen is a newcomer to the Internet marketing tools market but are making a splash.  They offer a bunch of tools all bundled into one package.  The heart of their tools is a management system for writers and software to help you find quest post fast and easy.


AYTM, also known as Ask Your Target Market, is one of the online marketing tools that are a must for small businesses. It allows you to define your target market so you can be sure that your marketing efforts are going out to the right people. The price of AYTM is very affordable and the best part is if you already have a list you can use the platform for free. Many customers have revealed that when they used AYTM they were able to see positive results in as little as a few moments.


If you have not heard about Aweber you have been missing out. Aweber is a tool that helps you develop relationships with your clients that are going to be very beneficial to you income wise. This platform not only makes building lists easier but it also makes staying in contact with your customers/subscribers easier as well. The best part is you are able to sign up to Aweber for as little as $1.

SEO Book

We all know that SEO is something that must be used in order for marketing to be successful regardless of which route you decide to take. SEO Book provides you with hundreds of training manuals that will have you doing SEO like you have been doing it for years. They even have a community and forum where lots of valuable information is shared. Not to mention the fact that you are sure to love all of the exclusive members only benefits.


AdWords is one of the most popular ways for small business owners to get the word out about their sites. This platform allows you to create your ads based on your business's keywords. When potential customers type in your keywords they will run across your business ad and if it looks appealing you may just have a new customer. Overall, these are the basic online marketing tools for small businesses. Obviously, there are hundreds more yet these are the ones that will boost your small business.

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