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Nexsan Data Storage

Sep - 6 - 2013

As businesses continue to move away from printed files and information and towards totally digital information the result is that millions of companies rely on data that is stored on computer servers and hard drives. If those pieces of hardware are damaged, destroyed or lost for any reason, that data also gone. Even as the cloud becomes a reality and more than a buzzword, the reliance on remote data storage increases the percentage of the world’s information that exists only as electronic pulses and not on printed media.

This fact and the growing trends mean that there is an unprecedented focus on the science and technology of data storage, maintenance, protection and recovery. Companies can no longer rely on simple file and directory backups. The use regular block or mirror image processes that mean complete data, applications and root structures can be replicated in a bare metal backup – duplicating lost or damaged data and applications on totally different hardware. As the techniques and technologies continue to advance a new vocabulary is being developed. Arguments and debates about the relative merits and disadvantages of nas san topologies determine how large data centers configure their backup networks and protocols.

Nexsan data storage is specifically designed to address this issue. While most businesses rely on their IT managers to deal with the supposedly mundane issue of backup and disaster recovery, this is no longer an acceptable attitude. Proper protection of data and protocols for recovery are now of the highest strategic importance to all companies that rely on their computers for daily operations.

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