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Naming a Website for your Enterprise

May - 29 - 2014

There are both statutory obligations and marketing possibilities to be considered and observed for any potential business name for a limited company; in both instances the key is to find and employ a unique name. Following the Companies Act 2006 section 66, company names may not be the same or similar to one already in existence. However there is a simple process to conclude any issue here; accessing Companies House online web check service, which allows companies names to be checked free of charge. A company names adjudicator, based at the UK Intellectual Property Office, appraises any objections to the use of a particular name. From the point of view of marketing your business online, the more similar names that exist, the harder effective marketing may prove. Clearly hosting a website is an integral part of business in this day and age.

Website hosting can prove daunting for the uninitiated; however there are a number of options that are available. Web design companies will build and host your company website. Alternatively you can purchase the website and host it yourself; this provides a far more economical option. To start your own site requires the purchase of a unique domain name. Whilst this allows the creation of your name, it is worth bearing in mind that a domain name may already be taken or if it is for sale, the price tag may be very high. Short names often provide for better future marketing opportunities, although generic names may prove expensive.

With a domain name secure, the next issue is hosting. Whilst there are multiple hosts available, only a few providers offer a free domain registration service. However transfer of files and registration can prove tricky when you have purchased your domain in one place before finding a host in another. An easier solution is to employ a service that provides for your entire domain and hosting needs; 1 and 1 provides quality web hosting and domain name services, whilst looking to tailor its products to the needs of the individual through a large variety of individual offers.


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