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Matching Blinds to a Room

May - 27 - 2014

Are you tired of your same-old-same-old bedroom or lounge? Have you been through a kaleidoscope of colours but still feel as though something’ missing? Have you looked at your windows?

So many people forget about their windows when decorating a room but the right window dressing, such as custom blinds , can really finish off the overall look of a room. Here’s what’s in now.


Printed custom blinds have become a major component to any well-designed room. The trick is to match the blinds with the rest of the room’s décor in an eye-catching way that enhances the space. It’s easy: work with the colour scheme you already have in the room and choose a complementary colour for the blinds which will draw attention to the window and enhance other shades and patterns in the space.

Roller Shades

When it comes to today’s custom blinds, roller shades are all the rage. They’re ideal for rooms that boast at contemporary style, but they also work so well as a canvas for your imagination.

A lot of roller blinds can be found in unique patterns and rather bold shades that can be perfectly matched to bedding, lampshades or cushions to carry through a sense of continuity in a room.

Roller shades allow room for creativity and fun, too. Choose mural-like patterns such as flowers or birds for a bold statement or if you prefer something elegant, accessorise your custom blinds with filigree ties.

Large Windows? No Problem!

If you have wonderful, large windows that overlook a garden or field, don’t shut the outside out with window treatments that are simply “too much”. Tall windows can really benefit from simple roller shades, especially if there’s a gorgeous view to be enjoyed.

Keep window dressings for these types of windows simple and stay away from too much detail or complicated patterns. You’ll also want to keep the blinds out of sight so as to enjoy the scenery.

If you live in an apartment, though, in the middle of the city, consider blinds with natural textures and shades. Wooden roman shades are ideal for rustic looks in Zen-type spaces.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Big and Bold!

If you find a curtain fabric that you have fallen in love with, why not make that the focus of your room? This works well for custom blinds on larger windows where natural light will draw attention to the pattern and the heavier material will have its own unique presence. If you go this route, you’ll need to keep the rest of the room simple and neutral to really ensure the fabric becomes the centrepiece. Have a pillow or cushion made in the same design or material to slightly break up the attention and add that “wow” factor to the space.

Sticky Films Work Too!

If custom blinds are a little out of your budget, films can be a fantastic option.

Window film has fast become a popular option owing to the affordability and the sense of privacy they offer. You can find film in all sorts of patterns to ensure that your room’s look and feel marries up.

The material is fairly easy to install: you simply peel them and stick to your windows. The film will soften the light in the room and create a sense of romantic intimacy.

They’re useful in just about every room in the home, too, and can be matched to the design of the space and house. Some films can be custom created to mimic the look of etched glass from bygone days, adding a really retro feel to a space.

Final Word

Custom blinds aren’t only for blocking out light and blocking the view of nosey neighbours. The window coverings you choose can pretty much make or break the look of a room. Blinds are a fantastic investment when you want to enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

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