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Low Cost Health Insurance

Sep - 21 - 2013

The battle has been going on for years. Ever since the Affordable Health Care Act became law, insurance companies, businesses and individuals have been stressing over the full implementation of "Obama Care."

There are plenty of reasons for businesses to worry. The requirement that all businesses, with at least 50 employees, must pay even more to provide health insurance for their employees, is a fact. Businesses are reacting. Many are saying that they will either have to forego hiring more employees that would put them over the 50 employee limit, or, they will resort to making more of their employees part time workers so they are not forced to provide health care coverage.

The additional cost of health insurance will have widespread implications beyond the costs to employers. Prices will go up for all of the things you buy and all of the services you use. It is logical to assume that if employers have to incur additional costs, they will pass those costs on to the consumer.

As an individual, will you be able to find low cost health insurance. Under the Affordable Health Care Act, there will be a mechanism for individuals to buy their insurance through health care exchanges. It is no longer an option for people to just say they are not going to buy health insurance. The system will only work if people who are young and healthy pay into the system to help provide funding for older people who are much more likely to require medical services. It remains to be seen whether or not Obama Care is a good plan or needs to be scrapped and redone.

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