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Looking for a New Water Source

Feb - 27 - 2014

Are you building a new house for your family in a rural area? Maybe you have lived in the city all of your life, but you feel like it is time for a change. One benefit of living in the city that you have probably taken for granted – most people do – is having city water. Your home is hooked up to the grid and water is supplied to your house without your actually having to do anything about it. This water is probably treated, perhaps with fluoride for dental health, and so you know that it is clean and plentiful. You will not necessarily have the same benefits with your new home in the country.

In a rural area, you have to dig a well. As you try to decide where you want to construct your home, this is one of the main things that you should keep in mind. You need to find a water source, hire a company to dig the well, determine if it is going to be enough to supply your entire home and then build the house on that site. It is critical that you do all of this before construction begins, while you still have some flexibility on your end.

The nice thing about well water is that it is already filtered, to a large degree. You do not have to worry about salt water since the groundwater is going to be fresh, even if you live near the ocean. Other contaminants are naturally going to be filtered out as it passes through the dirt. The only thing that you may notice about the well water is that it could taste like different minerals that are in the ground, such as iron. You need to have the water tested and it needs to be run through a filter in your home, but it should be fully safe to drink.

There are many ways to locate groundwater, such as looking at a chart that was already made of the water sources in the area, using advanced Geophysical imaging systems or just having the well-drilling company choose the best spot and then drill until they hit water. In some areas, the water table is close enough to the surface that you can dig the well almost anywhere and know that you are going to hit water eventually, as long as you go to the right depth

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