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Location, location, location

Jan - 13 - 2014

Your home is your castle, your place of refuge, your own little domain. That is why so many of us spend so much time finding the perfect place to live, whether that's a little cottage in a remote village or a contemporary apartment in the city centre.

There are any number of property programmes on television devoted to finding the right home, with location being number one on most people's priority list. But think about it. You probably spend eight or more hours a day at work, so it makes sense to lavish the same amount of time and attention on finding the right place to base your business as you would on where to set up home.

If you are just starting your business you are likely to be looking for something fairly small to accommodate you and maybe a few staff. If you are relocating then perhaps you need something a little bigger or with different facilities. Whatever type of premises you need, consider where you will base yourself before you start getting down to the nitty gritty of property specification.

Most businesses benefit from being in or near a town as this makes it easier for clients and suppliers to visit you and for you to build up valuable contacts with other businesses in the region. If you regularly entertain clients it is also good to have somewhere with plenty of places to eat and drink, as well as leisure activities and places of interest for them to visit.

Close connections – The Case of Oxford

More and more businesses are looking to Oxford as the perfect place to establish themselves. Close enough to London to make for easy journeys to the capital, it is also a beautiful and historic town with much to offer local businesses. There is a wide variety of offices to let in Oxford, so whether you want something big and spacious or a small workspace in a serviced office, you will more than likely find just what you are looking for.

A place of history
Bridge_of_sighs_oxford_towards_catte_streetPerhaps best known for its highly respected university, Oxford is steeped in history and heritage, boasting beautiful architecture and an array of museums for those looking for a little culture. This is balanced by a real contemporary twist, with modern shops, restaurants and hotels adding a lively, bustling feel to the town. Oxford is an 'inspiring city', which is a great pull to any business looking to set up or relocate to the area.

Once you have decided upon your location, then it is time to start thinking about the premises themselves. If you like the idea of being surrounded by other businesses then you could look for a space on a business park or within a serviced office. If you prefer something more self-contained you need to establish whether you would like a city centre office or a beautiful building on the outskirts of the town.

Building your business takes time and dedication, and it is important that you and your staff have a pleasant and productive environment in which to work.

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