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Many binary options traders choose to engage with technology stocks in order to derive regular and hefty profits. The technology sector is diverse; one of the most interesting areas is social networking. Social networking has become an important part of both business and personal life. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have grown in their reach, influence and wealth.

Linked In is a company that primarily focuses on business users. The 4th quarter of 2012 saw a 66% rise in net income. This was induced by increased subscriptions and heightened premium service utilization. Following the report, at the end of January, shares in the company sky rocketed 8.5% to $134.68. The company predicts further gains, and has already massively exceeded expectations from Wall Street in the 4th quarter. The 3 months rise in stock of 23% demonstrates the company is doing a lot right. With 8 consecutive quarters of rapid revenue growth, LinkedIn is an interesting stock that is becoming recognized in the binary options trading community. It is now available on a number of broker platforms, and many traders use it on a day to day basis as an asset to derive profits.

Price fluctuations on this stock are forceful as new innovations come along on a consistent basis. The financial reports released in the end of January will have provided many traders, who predicted the strong quarter four performance, with the opportunity to make massive profits. Significant price fluctuations, such as the 8.5% rise following the company financial statement, allow for high yield binary options that can derive profits of as much as 500%.

Binary optionstraders are always looking for the ability to take a conviction position on a strong price movement. Stocks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and many in the telecommunications sector as well, provide just the right opportunities for solid financial gains.

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