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Johnston Forklift Train the Trainer Program

Aug - 26 - 2014
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Workplace safety is top priority, especially in warehouse facilities with heavy machinery. As an employer, you want to make sure that your training program is first-rate for a secure and protected working environment.

The Johnston Safety on the Move® – Train the Trainer program is certified by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC) and is focused on forklift operator training. The 3-day course blends written content, presentations, videos, and practical instruction to help participants understand how to coordinate safety policies and procedures. It is fully tailored to your business – a Johnston representative conducts an on-site inspection to create a program that’s personalized and effective.

Designed to easily meet your needs, the Johnston Forklift Train the Trainer program is customizable to your business. The standard program is designed for up to 3 participants, but larger groups can be accommodated. Participants can learn up to 2 different models of equipment. Longer courses are available for workers learning multiple operation systems or for those who have less experience. Employers can conduct this training program at their own facility or at any Johnston facility. Audio-visual equipment can be supplied by Johnston at no extra charge upon request.

Click here to learn more about this forklift training program.

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