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Information technology refers to the combination of computer and telecommunication based equipment for storing, retrieving and transmitting data for business and other purposes. Information Technology in short IT connects with software and hardware technology, it also refers to internet and security system, data processing, and finding business solution. Indian IT sector is one of the major sectors providing jobs in India to millions of Indian population.  Indian IT sector is in demand, in foreign countries, and it provides huge jobs abroad also. Many Indian IT companies are linked with foreign companies forming the sector of Multinational Companies.

Contribution of IT sector in various Industries


IT sector is not confined to only software and hardware, but it has its important place in every sector. IT sector has bright career opportunities for an individual irrespective of his core field.

Electronic Industry: Industries based on computer, communication, microprocessors, chips all are run under IT base.

Software Industry: India stands first when it comes to making software. Indian brain has proved the worth and is in great demand by foreign clients. Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Accenture are some of the IT giants in India which have strong link up with foreign clients. India does a great deal of outsourcing and about 90 percent of the market today in IT sector is covered with Software and Telecommunications. Software plays a very vital role in our day to day life like, software for data entry while shopping in malls, software for banks, ATM, ticketing. Information technology has proven its importance everywhere.

Telecommunication Industry: When it comes to telecommunication industry, the first thing that strikes our mind is Mobiles. IT has contributed much to this industry. Enhancement in mobiles to iPhones is a remarkable achievement. Not only in mobiles, IT has made advancement in WLL, communication and internet. Today communication is faster, easier, and reliable because of the IT.

Why are IT sector jobs so lucrative?

It is very important to determine why IT sector is in demand as it would help inspire people to define their places at the right time:

  • IT sector gets tax advantage and has low- operating rates.
  • A large number of IT educational institutions are providing quality professionals; therefore, technically qualified professionals are easily available.
  • Use of modern technologies like cloud computing.
  • Government has made many favorable policies for IT industry.

Qualifications needed for IT Sector Jobs

After you are aware of the reasons why one should join IT industry or what scope IT industry has, it is important you should be qualified for that:

  • System Analyst: You have to be BE or B. Tech in Electronics and communication, computer science.
  • Data Warehousing: A qualified BE Computer science or MCA will match.
  • E- commerce Engineer: BE or B. Tech or MCA is required.
  • Network Designer: BE in computer science, or BE in Electrical and communications.

IT industry in India has helped our country to grow economically, its export promotion has increased to an appreciable level, and every year IT sector generates high revenues. It provides employment both directly and indirectly to approximately 2.8 million and 8.9 million people respectively, and it is expected that IT job sector would grow by 30 million by the end of the year 2030. Market size of IT is expected to grow by 225 USD billion by 2020, export demands will grow that will make remarkable presence of Indian IT industry in World’s arena.

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