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  • Jaguar has revealed its new sports car, which brand's boss calls quintessentially British
  • Footage of the F-Type is released exclusively on CNN's Quest Means Business
  • F-Type's release has already created extensive chatter from sports car fans on the web
  • Jaguar Land Rover chief executive Ralf Speth tells CNN car will likely have "very special demand"

Editor's note: Watch Quest Means Business on CNN International, 0600pm GMT weekdays. Quest Means Business is presented by CNN's foremost international business correspondent Richard Quest. Follow him and CNN anchor Max Foster on Twitter.

London -- Jaguar has revealed its new sports car -- which the luxury brand's boss tells CNN showcases a "quintessential Britishness."

The Jaguar 2013 F-Type, the latest from the company's more than seven decades producing luxury cars, will debut at the Paris Auto Show this week.

Jaguar Land Rover chief executive Ralf Speth told CNN the F-Type -- footage of which was released exclusively on CNN's Quest Means Business -- carries the DNA of previous models.

Jaguar CEO: F-Type real British design

Speth said he expects the model, already creating extensive online chatter, to enjoy "very special demand." The previous E-Type, Speth added, "was and still is a very, very iconic car and nobody can build such a car anymore."

Jaguar cars over the years

However the F-Type, is "stuffed with DNA of all the Jaguar sports cars," Speth said. "So the spirit, sportiness, design, quintessential Britishness is also in the F-Type."

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Speth expects the car to sell well both in emerging markets and in Europe. China, in particular, is "growing very strongly," he said. The company has seen sales increase, year-to-date, by more than 40%, he said.

The car was engineered and designed in the UK by a team from the Royal College of Arts. Jaguar's director of design Ian Callum told CNN: "We wanted the experience of sitting in the F-Type to be exciting. A sports car cockpit should be an intimate place and so we aimed to get a sense of the surfaces falling towards and then wrapping around the driver."

Jaguar pioneered the use of a touch screen for controlling the majority of its cars' functions but with the F-Type, the company focused on more physical interfaces for the driver. The F-Type also has a rigid aluminium structure intended to improve responses for the steering, throttle and brakes.

The F-Type will go on sale in 2013.

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