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There are literally thousands of people working in industries who might need motor trade like that offered by One Sure Insurance but don’t.  This could be a problem because without it, if anything happens to the vehicles you’re working on/with, it might be you who’s forced to pay the damages.  With motor trade insurance, this wouldn’t be an issue, but how do you know if you actually need it?  Here are some roles in which the employees should be considering motor trade insurance.

Vehicle Sales

If your every day job is selling cars straight off the forecourt, you might wonder why you’re on this list.  Well the truth is that although you’re mostly just talking about cars to get your customers enthused, you might be opening doors, touching various parts of the cars and maybe even getting in them in order to sell them.  This means that you’ll actually have quite a lot of physical contact with the vehicles, and if you cause them any damage – even by accident – you could be liable.

Car Valets

If you’re a valet, your role is also very hands-on, but you might not think that you’re doing anything which might potentially damage the cars you’re cleaning.  Unfortunately, this may not be the case, and when lose parts of car exteriors or interiors come unfixed during cleaning, you might be blamed.  Similarly, if you leave your cleaning equipment on the floor for any length of time, it might pick up small pieces of grit which – when brushed along the car’s paintwork – could scratch it.  You can try your hardest for this not to happen, but motor trade insurance will put your mind at rest.

Car Mechanics

If you’re a mechanic, you’re quite obviously going to be spending a lot of time in and around a number of cars each day, and the statistical likelihood that there’s going to be some kind of accident is relatively high.  This means that vehicle trade insurance for you should be compulsory.  You might think that your employer has a group policy, but you should ensure this is definitely the case, as you don’t want to get caught out, and if they don’t you might benefit from getting your own personal policy.

Ultimately, vehicle trade insurance is essential for a variety of different trades, so if you have the slight suspicion that you need it, it’s likely that you actually do.

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