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If you don't believe that timing can be everything, you've obviously never been forced to take a school exam whilst a relative is in the hospital. You've probably never been on all night bender, only to get home and find out that your driving test has been rescheduled for the following morning. It's true, timing can very easily mark the difference between triumph and failure. In the case of driving tests, it's reasonable to assume that not everybody fails because they don't deserve to pass. For some people, the time just isn't right.

It can be a frustrating state of affairs, but there's almost always room for a second chance. In fact, there are currently no legal restrictions whatsoever on the amount of times that you can take a driving test, says Telegraph journalist David Millward. It'll certainly cost you, but you could feasibly take a practical exam ten times or more if you're determined to get on the road. If you have failed at least one driving exam in the past, you'll be familiar with that uneasy feeling. 'Where do I turn now?' is the question that you've got to ask.

Are you more likely to pass a practical driving exam if you've already failed one, or are you less likely? Well, there’s a British man out there who has taken his theory test 107 times. There's also a woman in South Korea who’s still trying to get a licence after a staggering 771 failed attempts. Unfortunately, statistics show that past failures tend to make it harder to triumph in the future, says Scotsman journalist Martyn McLaughlin. It's a strange conclusion, because you'd assume that exactly the opposite would be true.

If you've already failed the test, surely you'll naturally know more about the wrongs and rights of motoring than somebody who hasn't, by the time you take another exam? It's the people who initially struggle to conquer the test who later have to end up scrutinising their own mistakes, after all. It's a sensible assumption, but it's not a right one - only eighty eight of three hundred repeat candidates actually made the grade last year in Great Britain. What's more, these three hundred repeat candidates were taking the test for tenth time. In 2012, there were eight people taking a practical exam for the fifteenth time - all eight failed the test.

It isn't a very encouraging set of statistics, especially if you're one of the many wannabe drivers who have failed at least one practical driving test. The question is - why are so many repeat candidates struggling with a test that they've been through multiple times? It has to be a question of confidence rather than skill - by the fifteenth try, you surely can't know any more about the ins and outs of driving? Repeat candidates need to understand that it's their self belief that's the problem, not a lack of motoring skills.

Whilst it's clear that very poor drivers shouldn't be on the road, it's important to consider whether or not failing the practical exam really does make you a poor driver. As aforementioned, the timing could be wrong - you could fail a couple of times, because you're stressed out or you're too tired. If you are planning to repeat the test, make sure that you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water in the hours leading up to the big day. If you have a vehicle on standby, it's also a good idea to have already come to a decision about insurance. With the help of a reliable company like Direct Asia, you can be covered within thirty minutes of applying.

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