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In recent years, retailing has seen a huge shift from a single department selling point like a physical bricks-and-mortar store to multiple ways of engaging and interacting with a customer. These new ways of selling come from the advancement of technology and include the internet, mobile phone, email and catalogue.

With the addition of these new ways, now referred to as multi-channel retailing, it is more important than ever for retailers to embrace and integrate the new channels of selling products and services to ensure that the information and service provided is consistent and well-coordinated across every channel.

Ecommerce integration using e-trackit software is becoming a popular solution for retailers. Established in 1995, e-Trackit works primarily with clients based in the United Kingdom , providing them with state-of-the-art modular EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems that have been developed and honed over many years of feedback from customers and experience within the retail industry.

computer-boardWith the resources to tailor their software to the exact needs of your business, e-Trackit offers a complete one-stop shop, providing retailers with back-office solutions like purchase ordering systems, warehouse replenishment for all your retail channels plus a customer profiling software that allows you to better understand your customer to increase your sales potential.

E-commerce integration is simple with e-Trackit. The system works as a centralised database for all your products so you only have to add your products onto e-Trackit once and then select the channels you wish to sell your products on, including websites like eBay and Amazon. E-Trackit supplies all the product feeds and there are no listing charges for the various channels as all costs with e-Trackit are fixed. In addition, all channels are linked to real-time stock control which automatically manages and maintains accurate stock levels to avoid disappointing your customers with stock outages and providing them with the best possible shopping experience.

Integration of all your e-commerce is integral to the smooth running of any business as well as gaining an understanding of the various channels. As such, e-Trackit provides detailed multi-channel reports so that you receive insight into your business.

One of the advancements on their system that e-Trackit are currently working on will include additional links to the Magento shopping cart and more delivery options via the Metapack system. There are multiple benefits to be gained from e-commerce integration using the e-Trackit software, on top of increased revenue. It provides a wider range of touch-points, thus increasing growth opportunities. Without the need to run separate management and customer-service operations as well as multiple logistics systems, e-Trackit's e-commerce integration drives cost saving through efficiency and effectiveness. E-Trackit will give retailers a strategic, competitive advantage through shared processes, information and technology.

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