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Starting a business has never been easier. The internet and its many resources make it easy to kick-start a new venture. You can open up an online retail store in your bedroom, start baking cupcakes in your kitchen, or become a celebrity dog walker a few days a week. But, while you might not need much money to open a dog walking business or online store, you will need at least some cash. Here are five ways you can pull together a small amount of working capital to start a business.

Have an Attic Sale

Most people have a few items at home that have some residual value. From old coins and antique vases to rare collectible Star Trek toys and designer handbags, take a good look around your home and garage to see what you can find. Even if you don’t stumble across a missing Picasso or Pollock, selling a random selection of junk can still earn you a decent return. Set up a table in the front yard or list your unwanted items on Craig’s List or eBay. A few hundred dollars could be all you need to get your business up and running.

Borrow Money Against Your Car

Do you drive a stylish auto? Is your old Cadillac worth a mint? Most cars depreciate over time, but unless you drive an absolute wreck, your car has some residual value, which you can leverage for the purposes of title loans and other secured loans. Speak to a specialist lender if you think your car is worth borrowing against. However, be aware that you could lose ownership if you subsequently default on the repayments.

Sign Up Investors

Speak to family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, Facebook friends, and anyone else you think might be interested in your business idea. If you have one hundred people and they all invest $20, that’s $2,000 startup capital, which is more than enough to get a small business venture off the ground. Some people may be willing to hand over a few dollars and expect nothing in return, but you could offer to give each investor a return on their investment once the business starts making money. The promise of future riches might be enough to persuade them to back your startup.

Online Trading

Online trading is risky, but it is possible to make money quickly if you know what you are doing. The Bitcoin bubble may well have burst, but forex trading or penny stocks can yield good returns in a short time. But, before you go down this route, practice using a demo trading account first.

Breed Pedigree Pets

There is always a big demand for certain breeds of pedigree dogs and cats. French Bulldogs and Bengal Cats are currently in vogue, so if you have an affinity with animals and you are willing to expend time and effort breeding a litter of puppies or kittens, you could earn a decent return for a few weeks work.

If all else fails, try crowdfunding or approach your local bank for funds, but remember, you will need a solid business plan in place.

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